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Performance in WordPress blogs

I gave a talk on blogging, and specifically WordPress, for photographers this week at the London Calling Photographers meet. One of the things that came up was performance. Now, on my return from Taipei I’d been in fairly deep discussion about a job with a company who had claimed a direct link between site performance […]

Blogging for photographers at LCP

Tonight I rambled on a bit about blogging for photographers at the LCP meetup. It was good and hopefully well received! The slides are here. If you have any questions, please post in the comments! If you could please click through to dreamhost, Photoshelter or Graphpaper Press using the links at the side it would […]

Dave’s links of the week, 28 June 2010

And this is what’s been happening in Dave world over the last week and a bit. On my Facebook photography group: Taking macro shots with your phone camera. Not convinced about this. If you try it, let us know! Some incredible oil-spill based photos from Jane Fulton Alt. Go. Now. How to get photographic inspiration […]

WordPress and Photoshelter Integration

That was easy, if marginally spendy. As you can see, I’ve changed my theme again. It’s the “modularity” theme from Graph Paper Press. This costs $45 for four months for access to all their resources but you can cancel any time and you get access to all the themes. The thing to note is the […]

10 essential WordPress plugins for photographers

In the first part of this series, we looked at what kind of site a photographer might want. In the second, we looked at setting up a WordPress blog with photgraphs. In this final part we’ll look at all the exciting wordpress plugins that bring your site to life and do cool things under the […]

Basic wordpress wrangling

In the first part, we looked at two possible ways of approaching your site as a photographer: portfolio and sales, each with their advantages. In this part we look at a simple way of developing a portfolio site with the blogging platform WordPress. Did I say blogging? Yes, but because of its modular nature and […]

Web sites for photographers

As a geek first and photographer second, I often get asked “what should I use for my site?” The answer is, as always: “it depends”. Sorry. No quick fix. Cut to the chase: what it depends on is your buget and your “marketing mix”. In this blog I’m going to focus on two kinds of […]