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Church Farm House – Underground Exhibition

Today we toddled up to the imminently closing Church Farm House Museum in Hendon to see the Harry Beck exhibition. Wow. With gardens at the back, a pub next door, church and graveyard it was like being in a village. Which at one point, I guess it was! So here are some pics of something […]

Chapel-En-Le Frith – High Peaks

OK, so the peaks aren’t quite as high as the ones I left behind in Taiwan but by British standards they’re pretty rugged and sheep-laden. I took a hike up to Eccles Pike which has a lovely view in both directions and over Coombs reservoir. The local cottagery is lovely. And as you can see, […]

Stunning golden waterfall, Jinguashi

Taiwan isn’t short of natural wonders: from hot springs, to alien coastline to soaring mountains. This one is a little special. This is a little down the hill from the Jinguashi disused gold mine and shows what happens when copper leeches into the water. Rather purty, no? I have more pictures of the mine, but […]

The big blue room

It put in an appearance today. Which was nice, so rather than being 35C and disgustingly humid, it was 39C, breezy and relatively dry. The cloud came over and denied us a proper sunset. Good excuse to bring out the 12-24mm lens though 🙂 Related Posts:Taipei Sky – Colour or B/W?Street photography competitionChanneling Ansel – […]

Taipei Flower Market

Today I took a small group of my students to the Taipei Flower Market. This wasn’t my first choice as I figured it would be indoorsy with poor light and having “busy” backgrounds. In the event, it was pretty much like that with the added bonus of three different kinds of light making white balance […]

Taipei Riverside

This is Taipei riverside. It’s not as romantic as it sounds. A strip of flood plain that’s been landscaped and had cycle paths added. Unfortunately it’s hemmed in and overflown by roads bearing heavy traffic. The river itself isn’t much to write home about either: a muddy, shallow, wide strip of water that doesn’t bear […]

Bye and thanks for all the fish. Again.

Funny how things go. There I was, primed to make a commitment to property, and in the course of a few hours at Heathrow waiting for Louise to be unfucked by immigration, I decided to head off in a completely different direction: to the land of typhoons, earthquakes and cockroaches the size of your fist. […]

Taiwan – Touched My Heart

Taiwan has possibly the cheesiest slogan ever: “Touch my heart”. It certainly touched mine. I cocked up the outward booking slightly by forgetting that an Eastward flight would be an overnight one so I was due to arrive on the day of the “Free Tibet” Chthonic gig. After a typically horrible sleeper and a ninety […]