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Home Made Lo Bak Gao

I first had this sometime around 2000 in the Dynasty restaurant in Bristol where we misheard it as “lob a goo”. Given the texture, we weren’t too far off the mark! However, it became a staple of various London Perlmongers dim sum meetups. over the coming decade. Finally, while living in Taipei, various forms of […]

Street photography competition

A street photography competition caught my eye. I shoot constantly when out and about and have a huge number to choose from. A category is “world” and having spent six months in Taipei I can make a selection from there. However, my world is now Camden and I can choose a set I’ve shot since […]

Sleeping on the job

Reading this post on OzSoapbox about the work ethic in Taiwan, prompted me to post this set. He talks about the work ethic there underpinning your cheap crap and to an extent it’s probably true. Equally, the folks there I know are not salarymen in the Japanese sense but outsiders: musicians and artists. As usual. […]


This was the future once. \ Related Posts:Street photography competitionSleeping on the jobTaiwanese foodTaiwanese foodTaipei Sky – Colour or B/W?

Taiwanese food

I may rag on Taiwan for many reasons but food isn’t one of them. Just look at this little spread and click through to flickr for the annotations. So good. Related Posts:Street photography competitionFrom the inside looking out: cheeky fagCanon S90 Taipei Street NightPrimrose Hill GreengrocerHoutong – Cat Village

Taiwanese food

Taiwan has its ups and downs: trade huge cockroaches, typhoons and earthquakes for epic scenery, hot springs and great food. Taiwanese food draws from all regions of China, Japanese food it inherited from the occupation and many others besides. Here’s a good selection we had at a restaurant at the Sogo department store. To me, […]

Taipei Sky – Colour or B/W?

So we had the torrential rain again. If you look at the satellite picture, Taiwan is surrounded by cloudless ocean and there’s a blob of cloud parked over the island. Ho hum. Still, it just cleared and we got a lovely bit of golden hour sun. I dashed up on the the roof and shot […]

Papaya tree: resurrection

Most days we walk past a decrepit Japanese-era building owned by the university. There was a nice papaya tree with fruit growing right in front. Then it disappeared, lopped off about four feet off the ground. But it’s back! We’ll be watching it in our last two weeks here. Related Posts:Street photography competitionTaiwanese foodFrom the […]

Shi-Da purveyors of deep-fried goodness

This is a paradoxical country: everyone eats hugely and widely, yet on the whole, people remain resolutely skinny. Which I think says much about the Western diet. This stall in Sh-Da night market is our occasional stop-off for cauliflower, mushroom, tofu and chewy fishy thing, lighty battered, deep fried then powdered with salty pepper and […]

Taipei 101

Yesterday we ticked off one of our last TODO items in Taipei: Taipei LOL. No, really, look at the sign. It’s an actual LOL-building. Anyhow. It was briefly the tallest building in the world and is still impressive considering it’s in a pretty active earthquake zone. The view? Meh. What’s to look at? The swampy […]

The big blue room

It put in an appearance today. Which was nice, so rather than being 35C and disgustingly humid, it was 39C, breezy and relatively dry. The cloud came over and denied us a proper sunset. Good excuse to bring out the 12-24mm lens though 🙂 Related Posts:Taipei Sky – Colour or B/W?Street photography competitionChanneling Ansel – […]

From the inside looking out: cheeky fag

Cheeky fag outside Salty Peanuts café. Been a bit uninspired these last few days. There’s something about 40C temperatures that just drains the will to do anything. Related Posts:Street photography competitionTaiwanese foodCanon S90 Taipei Street NightHoutong – Cat VillagePapaya tree: resurrection

Japanese colonial house, Taipei

These fascinate me. These kinds of buildings, which I guess can best be described as bungalows, are dotted around Da-An, our area of Taipei. They once housed important people of the Japanese occupation era and are now generally neglected and hidden behind high walls. After the Japanese left, many of these passed into the hands […]

Taipei, Shanghai and Futai Street Mansion

I learned another little snippet of Taiwan’s torrid history today. We visited Futai Street Mansion near the main station and saw the Shanghai exhibition there. It turns out there’s a close link between Taiwan and Shanghai. When the Japanese took over the Chinese concession in Shanghai, it opened up Taiwanese exports of the usual sugar […]

Taipei, protest against the ECFA

Taiwanese politics is complicated. If even the BBC can get it wrong with the “when Taiwan split from China in 1949” canard, you know you’re in trouble. Let’s go back to the beginning. Taiwan’s troubles began long before the first Austronesian peoples arrived. Taiwan was originally volcanic and its tectonics can best be described as […]

Taiwan has four seasons….

Too hot, too wet, mosquitoes and earthquakes. Sometimes all at once. Related Posts:Canon S90 Taipei Street NightAfter the rainStreet photography competitionJapanese colonial house, TaipeiTaipei, Shanghai and Futai Street Mansion

After the rain

The traffic lights outside our apartment reflecting nicely on the tarmac. Looks like we’re set for a week of this with 30C heat. To be viewed listening to this. Hopefully one day the sun will come out again. Related Posts:Taiwan has four seasons….Canon S90 Taipei Street NightStreet photography competitionJapanese colonial house, TaipeiTaipei, Shanghai and Futai […]

Danshui – Taipei’s Boardwalk

Today was sunny so we took the MRT out to Danshui. Whilst not actually being on the sea, it has all the trapping of seaside-ness including arcades, fried stuff and tat shops. The nearest parallel in the UK I can think of is Southend. Still, we had a nice 5km ramble up towards the shiny […]

Zhong-he ruined factory

The inside of the of the wonderfully rusty building that one day will be swept away for a metro station. Note the recycling woman in the darkness who chased me out shortly after this. Related Posts:Street photography competitionSleeping on the jobRetroTaiwanese foodTaiwanese food

Wacky Races Taipei Style

There’s a weird ecosystem on the streets in Taipei, one I suspect that’s mirrored all over Asia. The rules seem to be: The cars, and especially the taxis, take it pretty easy because they have to keep their eyes open for scooters The scooters take it fairly easy because they have to keep their eyes […]

Canon S90 Taipei Street Night

I lied about the “final call” Continuing the experiments with “out of the camera” black and white, I took the Canon S90 P&S, rather than the Nikon D300 DSLR, out tonight preset in black and white and we did a quick in and out of Shi-Da for food. Quick because of the rain. So, these […]

Final Call for Shi-Da night market

I’m a programmer. Which means if you find a bug, you keep banging on it until you fix it. In this case, I’ve been so taken with the ISO1600, 50mm, B/W and straight from the camera effect, I did it again. OK, so our intent was to get some deep fried street food munchies, but […]

Shi-Da night market again

We went out to Shi-Da again tonight after a typically tropical sudden torrential downpour. I’d recently discovered that the Nikon D300 has quite a useful black and white mode in contrast to the usual desaturated greyness you usually get. So tonight with old school film intent, I went out with the 50mm prime, the ISO […]

Shi-Da night market photowalk

On Tuesday night, went with my students on a walk round Sh-Da night market. I’ve done this a few times for fun, food and shopping and taken snaps but this was the first time with photographic intent. It was interesting. Much like the flower market, the trick was to get behind the action: behind the […]