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On camera modes: “Sunset mode”

When I teach photography, one of the things I tell my students is “don’t be afraid of the modes”. Tell this to someone who fancies themselves as a “proper” photographer and I’m likely to be met with the sucking of air over teeth. This is the reaction of a clueless bigot. All modes are are […]

Canon S95 review – HDR! Oh noes!

This is actually going to be a very short and sweet review: “it’s like the S90 but a little bit better”. I’ve been using the S90 as an all-purpose, carry-everywhere camera since my arrival in Taiwan 7 months ago and in the month since my return to London. You can see examples littered here and […]

Canon Camera Buzz – 60D, SX30, G12 and S95

I was kindly invited to the Canon Event with those lovely 1000heads folks. I’m not a Canon SLR user but I started on a Powershot A75 and tote an S90 with me every day now. I think the S90 is the the most camera in the smallest size out there. I probably shoot 75% of […]

Canon event – S95, G12 and SX30

Had a good play with the compacts tonight and left the SLR’s to the others since I use Canon compacts and and Nikon SLR’s. Here’s a first shot with the G12 at ISO1600: Much longer blog to follow on the others. I have the S95 on extended loan. Update: blog now up! Related Posts:Canon Camera […]