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Shiny new Nikon D700

Jubiliee leggings

Nikon are apparently winding down manufacture of the D700 in favour of the supremely expensive D800 and the rumoured-this-autumn full-frame D600. My D300 suffered further creeping death with the failure of the on-board flash: pop up the flash and the camera freezes. Otherwise, it’s still a supremely useful camera for gigs portraits and on-camera and […]

Broadway Market photowalk

One excellent reason for heading out to the badlands of London Fields is to visit Laura’s lovely new café “Coffee is my cup of tea”. Nestled in a railway arch next to the station, Laura and her partner have already got a great place going. It’s organic and there’s a lovely selection of cakes including […]

Long weekend in Lisbon

As our friends on Facebook know only too well, we had a long weekend in Lisbon last weekend staying with good friends, eating, drinking and doing general tourism. We ate sardines, I drank the wine, we walked the old city, saw the Sé, had Pasteis de Bélem, took the ferry, went to Sintra, sat on […]

New flash: SB-900 challenge accepted

Last Chthonic tour I sustained the usual casualty. Last time my DV camera went AWOL, this time, my trusty Nikon SB-600 flash. I’ve been feeling bereft for the last six months. I like using a flash for portraiture and if the light is REALLY bad, Dublin Castle I’m looking at you, I’ll even use it […]

Bleech at the Monarch, Camdem

Managed to bimble over the road to the Monarch in Camden see Bleech again. There must be something about the Monarch that brings out good stuff in bands: Kate Nash’s little band were also excellent here. Anyhow, Bleech played a blinder. Just want that thrash instrumental midsection to be longer! The lighting was also interesting: […]

Camden Lock Market, Experiments in Film

A couple of weeks ago, went on a little walk round Camden Lock Market with Ed Walker, he armed with his trusty Nikon D80, me with the old film Nikon F65 and the trusty 50mm f/1.8. On the first walk, I was loaded with Ilford ISO400 black and white film of some sort. As you […]

Bleech, Bull and Gate

Aside from them having cleaned the speaker stacks of the stickers including the Cuban Heels one, the Bull and Gate remains a fairly decent venue on the toilet circuit. I’d also not seen Bleech since before I went to Taipei and aside from a change of hairstyle, there were as solid and as rocking as […]

Church Farm House – Underground Exhibition

Today we toddled up to the imminently closing Church Farm House Museum in Hendon to see the Harry Beck exhibition. Wow. With gardens at the back, a pub next door, church and graveyard it was like being in a village. Which at one point, I guess it was! So here are some pics of something […]

Grace Solero, Water Rats

I’ve known Grace for over four years now, since I first saw her busking at Tottenham Court Road tube station and took a picture that I’d be happy to have somewhere in my portfolio. So, back to the Water Rats for yet another gig, having dragged ourselves out in the damp, instead of watching yet […]

Street photography competition

A street photography competition caught my eye. I shoot constantly when out and about and have a huge number to choose from. A category is “world” and having spent six months in Taipei I can make a selection from there. However, my world is now Camden and I can choose a set I’ve shot since […]

Sheryl Crow, Hammersmith Apollo (Odeon!), grumpy.

Grump. Third time shooting there, third time no pit, third time photographers plastered to the side wall. Seriously, how do they expect to look good? Oh, wait, we’re good. So that’s all right then. Also, she’s so not metal. More pictures on Related Posts:Grace Solero, Water RatsLogan Plant @ Purple Turtle, CamdenBleech, Bull and […]

Acey Slade, Purple Turtle

I’d been dragged to an Acey show before on the basis that he’d been in a band with people who had been in a band my daughter listened to and it was a damn fine show. This show was no different. Fast, furious, high-energy and rocking. I have to say, for a “name” show, it […]

Logan Plant @ Purple Turtle, Camden

OK, that was disappointing. Last time I saw him it was to a packed, jumping audience at the Barfly. This time he got blown off the stage by the support band The Mercy House whose fans mostly departed after they’d finished. OK, so he’s trying out a new album apparently and he’s nursing a cold, […]

Graveyard – photography cliché #14

Yesterday as we were driving to New Mills for a walk round the, er, old mills, we passed the church and churchyard in Chapel-en-le-Frith. It looked like a good setting to take some shots being all nicely overgrown. It’s also preparation for when I get back to London and have Highgate cemetery on my doorstep […]

Channeling Ansel – or not

So, here I am up in the High Peaks area of Derbyshire, with some pretty epic scenery all around. Having been fired up by the Freeman book, I decided to scale Eccles Pike, yes, as in cake, which has a 360 degree view all around and wait for the sun to get low in the […]

Chapel-En-Le Frith – High Peaks

OK, so the peaks aren’t quite as high as the ones I left behind in Taiwan but by British standards they’re pretty rugged and sheep-laden. I took a hike up to Eccles Pike which has a lovely view in both directions and over Coombs reservoir. The local cottagery is lovely. And as you can see, […]

Houtong – Cat Village

At its peak, Houtong was a thriving and often fatal mining town, at its height under Japanese rule. Now, it’s silent and decrepit. BUT! It’s now a super duper tourist attraction because it has, wait for it, CATS! Yes, there’s a bunch of semi-feral cats and people now tour out to pet them. Oh the […]

Taipei Sky – Colour or B/W?

So we had the torrential rain again. If you look at the satellite picture, Taiwan is surrounded by cloudless ocean and there’s a blob of cloud parked over the island. Ho hum. Still, it just cleared and we got a lovely bit of golden hour sun. I dashed up on the the roof and shot […]

Stunning golden waterfall, Jinguashi

Taiwan isn’t short of natural wonders: from hot springs, to alien coastline to soaring mountains. This one is a little special. This is a little down the hill from the Jinguashi disused gold mine and shows what happens when copper leeches into the water. Rather purty, no? I have more pictures of the mine, but […]

Yeliou volcanic rock, Taiwan

On a geographic note, Yeliou is volcanic rock carved by the waves into interesting shapes. There’s a famous “queens head” formation but we didn’t make it out that far as it was too hot! Gov’t info here: On a photographic note, this is B/W from the D300 with the 50mm f/1.8 lens. Rather good […]

The big blue room

It put in an appearance today. Which was nice, so rather than being 35C and disgustingly humid, it was 39C, breezy and relatively dry. The cloud came over and denied us a proper sunset. Good excuse to bring out the 12-24mm lens though 🙂 Related Posts:Taipei Sky – Colour or B/W?Street photography competitionChanneling Ansel – […]

Canon S90 Taipei Street Night

I lied about the “final call” Continuing the experiments with “out of the camera” black and white, I took the Canon S90 P&S, rather than the Nikon D300 DSLR, out tonight preset in black and white and we did a quick in and out of Shi-Da for food. Quick because of the rain. So, these […]

Final Call for Shi-Da night market

I’m a programmer. Which means if you find a bug, you keep banging on it until you fix it. In this case, I’ve been so taken with the ISO1600, 50mm, B/W and straight from the camera effect, I did it again. OK, so our intent was to get some deep fried street food munchies, but […]

Shi-Da night market again

We went out to Shi-Da again tonight after a typically tropical sudden torrential downpour. I’d recently discovered that the Nikon D300 has quite a useful black and white mode in contrast to the usual desaturated greyness you usually get. So tonight with old school film intent, I went out with the 50mm prime, the ISO […]