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Shi-Da purveyors of deep-fried goodness

This is a paradoxical country: everyone eats hugely and widely, yet on the whole, people remain resolutely skinny. Which I think says much about the Western diet. This stall in Sh-Da night market is our occasional stop-off for cauliflower, mushroom, tofu and chewy fishy thing, lighty battered, deep fried then powdered with salty pepper and […]

Final Call for Shi-Da night market

I’m a programmer. Which means if you find a bug, you keep banging on it until you fix it. In this case, I’ve been so taken with the ISO1600, 50mm, B/W and straight from the camera effect, I did it again. OK, so our intent was to get some deep fried street food munchies, but […]

Shi-Da night market photowalk

On Tuesday night, went with my students on a walk round Sh-Da night market. I’ve done this a few times for fun, food and shopping and taken snaps but this was the first time with photographic intent. It was interesting. Much like the flower market, the trick was to get behind the action: behind the […]

Clitter, Hamsters, Deep Purple, Night Market: Daily Dave #26

Start your day off right with a lovely bit of Marilyn. The week starts today. Sorry, it was a busy weekend culminating with shooting Deep Purple and having my photography students show some great pics in class. Nice night market shots. These aren’t, strictly speaking “street” or “candid”, but they’re beautifully lit and the people […]