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Chthonic, HMV Forum, London

Long day of interviews, setting up, hanging around, selling merch, noodles and lots of metal. It was good. Related Posts:Grace Solero, Water RatsMalefice, Camden UnderworldArch Enemy, WolverhamptonChthonic, WolverhamptonFuryon, Dublin Castle

Arch Enemy, Wolverhampton

There’s not a lot to say about this: complete wall of metal with some melody in the background. Angela is a great frontman whipping the audience up and engaging the crowd. Put it this way, while I was shooting, my can of Red Stripe was dancing quietly to itself on the bass bin. Good work […]

Angela Gossow, Arch Enemy

Brutal. That is all. Related Posts:Arch Enemy, WolverhamptonChthonic, HMV Forum, LondonChthonic, WolverhamptonBleech, Camden BarflyAlessi’s Ark, Bush Hall

Chthonic, Wolverhampton

Yesterday can only be described as a clusterfuck. Hearsay about things between bands that turned out fine when checking with the relevant authorities, to having Ennio Morricone’s finest “For a few Dollars More” theme nearly used as our intro, through to losing the keys to the tour bus. Still, we made it and a relatively […]

Furyon, Dublin Castle

I admit, I’ve become jaded. There are only a couple of bands I’ll turn out for now and they are friends. But still good. These guys are most definitely one of them. I was introduced to them by my drummer mate Matt when they were known as “Pride”, a fairly OK AOR-ish hard rock band. […]