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Camden farmer’s market

Here we have Norfolk’s ambassador to Camden presenting his wares at Camden farmer’s market. Ever since I’ve been in Camden I’ve wondered, and asked, often why Camden doesn’t have a farmer’s market. If I get the urge, I tend to wander up to Parliament Hill Fields on a Saturday morning. Well, now it does on […]

The Tate: Pre-Raphelites, Turner, Moriyama

On strong urging, we went to see the Pre-Raphaelites at Tate Britain. And therein lies a story. With joint visitation being in the region of £35, and an annual membership around £90 it seemed crazy not to cough up for membership. Plus we get lounge access! So I coughed up. And we got to see […]

AngelHack Hackathon Fall 2012

So that was a weekend. AngelHack is designed to throw a couple of hundred people of various disciplines together to see what wacky and zany ideas they can come up with in 24 hours. There are sponsors present, Microsoft pimping BizSpark and CouchDB amongst others, rewarding you with loot for sitting through their pitches. First […]

Stour Space, photo exhibition

We’ve done most of the 50 emergency tourist things in London and still keep finding new stuff, like the Wallace Collection, the fabulous William Morris Gallery and the Geffrye Museum. Today, after an article in Vice, we upped and went to the badlands of Hackney Wick to see “In My Country” by Daniel Stier at […]

London Olympics 2012, Dave goes to…

I’ve spent the last ten years in a big “so what” about the Olympics coming to London. That was until the opening ceremony blew us all away and confused the Americans. Now, like Charlie Brooker, I’ve been won over. After and hour of clicking on Sunday night, I scored a ticket for a REAL SPORT! […]

London Zoo

Five years in London and I finally scratched an itch. The Zoo! First up, when we went in, my eyes watered. £23 for a ticket! Ouch! But I’ll say now, it was totally worth it. We were there for nearly seven hours and even with a cheeseburger at at £5.50 and a couple of cups […]

Emirates Air Line – London Dangly thing

Last week, on I believe the second day of public operation, and on a crazily gusty day, when we happened to be on our way to Greenwich, we took the new cable car thing. I’ve done cable cars in Taiwan, knowing they’ve survived earthquakes, but this gave me a high degree of palm sweat, especially […]

London Festival of Photography

Having hibernated yesterday because of Jubilee rubbish grinding London to a halt and the awful weather, today I resolved to do better and hit up the London Festival of Photography. We saw a few exhibits last year and they were pretty good, and they’re well clustered in easy to get at parts of London. First […]

Broadway Market photowalk

One excellent reason for heading out to the badlands of London Fields is to visit Laura’s lovely new café “Coffee is my cup of tea”. Nestled in a railway arch next to the station, Laura and her partner have already got a great place going. It’s organic and there’s a lovely selection of cakes including […]

I wouldn’t belong to a club that would have me as a member…

Tabercnacle, Notting Hill

One of my photographic heroes, Jean-Loup Sieff, had a rant, which I’m recalling here badly, about camera club people being bearded pipe-smokers with patches on the elbows of their jackets being more into gear than the art of photography. Tonight I had such a camera club experience. A certain meetup group put out a call […]

Scott Kelby “Light It! Shoot It! Retouch It!” Seminar

I have a couple of Kelby books since they’re good for recipes for doing stuff in the various Adobe packages. When I saw he was coming to London and doing a day’s seminar and it was about sixty quid, I figured why not wander along. It’s not far to go and there’s decent food and […]

Spitalfields and Brick Lane Photowalk

I had the day to myself, so Paul and I decided to take a walk to the Spitalfields area to take some pics. We started at the back of Liverpool Street station trying to get inspired by some architecture, then to the Market and up Brick Lane for people and other randomness. This is my […]

Peanut Butter Lovesicle, Death by Sexy, Purple Turtle, Camden

The mighty Peanut Butter Lovesicle are approaching the end of their stint in London and this makes me a sad polar bear. In the space of about six weeks so far, they’ve turned a fairly diffident, indifferent audience, and a few discerning fans, into a great turnout at the Purple Turtle last night. Their tight, […]

Night shoot along the South Bank

We met up at the Festival Hall, then spent what felt like ages waiting for the endarkenment over the House of Parliament by County Hall. And yes, we got told off for tripods, but it turns out you can use a collapsed tripod on a wall just as easily. Dusk fell, Parliament got lit and […]

Cycling in London part two and a rant

Waiting in the cycle box

I’ve resumed cycle commuting after nearly a year’s rest. Well, aside from some trips down to Clerkenwell or to the Festival Hall for the odd meeting. The new commute is twice the length of the previous one. This one goes from Camden to Shepherd’s Bush, as the map from Runkeeper shows. Previously, the Paddington route […]

Emacs as a perl IDE II

Having polled the assorted perlish hiveminds of the BBC, the London perlmongers and Reddit, I got a really good selection of responses. So, from Reddit: Put “perl -cw” into flymake so you can see syntax errors right away. Even more immediately than trying to compile? Could be useful. From Dot mode attempts to emulate […]

Kenwood House – another London Tourist thing

We ticked off another London tourist stuff today: Kenwood house. It’s easy to get to, the 210 bus up to the Heath from Golders Green or Archway and a wander down the drive. Thereafter the house, which was free, is lovely. It has lots of paintings with some Rembrandts, Vermeers and others particularly of the […]

London Honey Festival, Southbank Centre

Today was the London Honey Festival at the Festival Hall. It was lovely. Lots of local honey from around London from Bexley to Ruislip (so the press release said). Had friends there selling their honey and there were tastings of many different kinds. Best I tasted was from Tufnell Park. Interesting too to compare honey […]

Fashion on the Lock

Fashion on the Lock was a two-day event this past Thursday and Friday at Camden Lock showcasing talent such as Olga Adegoroye, Chloe Cummings, Jade Ottway, Purple Turtle Beads, Holly Mansell and Exquisite Xcessories. As usual I volunteered to take some shots but ended up getting distracted by two stands in particular: the lovely ladies […]

Camden Unlocked

Today was a day for chakras, auras, crystals in the market. It was a lovely sunny day and everyone was smiling. And I loved the Buddha! We had tea at Yumchaa as usual… Camden Unlocked – Images by David Hodgkinson Related Posts:A ramble round Camden, NW1Back in CamdenCamden farmer’s marketCycling in London part two and […]

Grace Solero, Water Rats

I’ve known Grace for over four years now, since I first saw her busking at Tottenham Court Road tube station and took a picture that I’d be happy to have somewhere in my portfolio. So, back to the Water Rats for yet another gig, having dragged ourselves out in the damp, instead of watching yet […]

Malefice, Camden Underworld

This will be entirely biased. I toured as tour manager for Chthonic in November and Malefice were also on the bill with us. When you do this, hump gear together, negotiate merchandise table space, share the dressing room, you get to know whether the chaps you’re working with are nice guys or not. Once we […]

A ramble round Camden, NW1

I think I shall eschew the year-end roundup. The year speaks for itself: six months in Taipei, getting married and shooting some bands I didn’t expect to like Peaches, Sheryl Crow an Arch Enemy. I feel like my photography has come on a lot this year though. I’ve got some pictures that I’d be really […]

Joanna guy, Camden Market

From our place, we have a secret back entrance to the Stables market. The new bit that certain Camden oldsters feel is too commercialised. Screw them. When you need a piano or some vintage leather shoes or a BOAC manbag, you know where to come. This guy sells pianos. Related Posts:Street photography competitionBarrow, Inverness Street […]