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London Zoo

Five years in London and I finally scratched an itch. The Zoo! First up, when we went in, my eyes watered. £23 for a ticket! Ouch! But I’ll say now, it was totally worth it. We were there for nearly seven hours and even with a cheeseburger at at £5.50 and a couple of cups […]

Getting DBD::Informix running on Mac OS X 10.7 (lion)

Throwing this out there and adding it to the Google-fu mix. According to the internets, DBD::Informix has issues on Lion. Many different solutions are offered, but this is what worked for me. Download the “Client SDK” from the IBM site. The problem: trying to build with out of the box everything, throws up: lipo: /var/tmp//cc56iZs2.out […]

A new Squeeze with Postgres on VMware

I feel the need to note this down because two of these three are largely unfamiliar to me, and the other one bit me in the unmentionables. Hopefully this permutation will help others. Also, this is the setup I needed for my current $ork. First, let’s download our operating system. I honestly can’t remember the […]