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CPAN pull request challenge: Crypt::OpenSSL::RSA

I think I got off lightly with this one. It’s a simple wrapper over a C library. In summary: There were 3 easily fixed perlcritic problems at level 3. CPANTESTERS had a couple of quibbles, also easily fixed. Test coverage was comprehensive. And that’s about it! Mistakes I’ve made in retrospect: I didn’t bump the […]

A new Squeeze with Postgres on VMware

I feel the need to note this down because two of these three are largely unfamiliar to me, and the other one bit me in the unmentionables. Hopefully this permutation will help others. Also, this is the setup I needed for my current $ork. First, let’s download our operating system. I honestly can’t remember the […]

Using emacs as a perl IDE

I admit, I’m an emacs philistine. I use it as a text editor and when I’ve got a machine or linux VM that I’m going to be using, I’ll set up “cperl-mode” with syntax colouring. I don’t even bother even creating a tags file to be able to bounce around files from the use of […]

Installing Maven on a fresh RedHat/Centos 5.5…

This one had me a bit baffled but the recipe turned out to be easy once you know which chickens to sacrifice in which order. So: Add the jpackage info into /etc/yum.repos.d: Fix a dependency problem: rpm -Uvh Then yum update and then: yum install maven2 400 updates later, you’re in business! # […]