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London Festival of Photography

Having hibernated yesterday because of Jubilee rubbish grinding London to a halt and the awful weather, today I resolved to do better and hit up the London Festival of Photography. We saw a few exhibits last year and they were pretty good, and they’re well clustered in easy to get at parts of London. First […]

Shiny New Kings Cross

Kings Cross – Images by David HodgkinsonThe new Kings Cross opened this week, a day ahead of schedule with an awesome new ticket hall and new passenger flows with an airport-style arrivals and departures scheme and of course, a refurbished platform 9 3/4. The things has been reviewed to death by the likes of Ian […]

Florida Room, Water Rats

Bit late to the party on this one, but got to see FOAFs Florida Room at the Water Rats (possibly again, or they might have been “Work” last time) and as usual a nice set of rocky numbers. Mike gets a bit busy swapping keyboards and guitars though! Good stuff. You should come next time. […]