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Acrassicauda kickstarter comes good!

When I got home last week, i had a nice surprise waiting: the Acrassicauda kickstarter I’d backed seemingly aeons ago. Two CD’s, one of which is the new album, the Heavy Metal in Baghdad DVD with copious extras and a T-Shirt. As a bonus, the album is co-produced by the legendary Alex Skolnick. Musically, it […]

Furyon, The Mercy House, Purple Turtle

I’ve known both these bands a while, Furyon since they were an AOR style band called “Pride”. Furyon have been going great guns in the last 12 months with their album being released on the front of Metal Hammer and in a limited edition, pending an upcoming full release. I wouldn’t call them metal exactly, […]

From the road, a shout out to Arkan!

I’d fully intended keeping a daily diary of six weeks of touring mayhem with Chthonic and despite pretty consistent internet availability, this has failed to transpire. Lots of stories though if we get together for a beer. BUT! I have to give a HUGE shout out to the band who opened for four gigs in […]