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Bleech, Camden Barfly

First time I’ve seen Bleech in nearly a year, although I thought it was much longer. Not much to say except they’re as loud, passionate and energetic as I’ve ever known them. They’ve been stepping up their gigs and it was nice to see them at a reasonably crowded Barfly. Anyhow, the pics, one of […]

Alessi’s Ark, Bush Hall

Went along to see Sam Nadel on drums as I haven’t seen him since the Blackbud in Bath days. It was the first gig I’d seen at Bush hall despite passing through when the late Fortune Drive were playing. It’s a lovely venue. If you can go, do so! Alessi herself was possibly better as […]

Bleech, Bull and Gate

Aside from them having cleaned the speaker stacks of the stickers including the Cuban Heels one, the Bull and Gate remains a fairly decent venue on the toilet circuit. I’d also not seen Bleech since before I went to Taipei and aside from a change of hairstyle, there were as solid and as rocking as […]

Grace Solero, Water Rats

I’ve known Grace for over four years now, since I first saw her busking at Tottenham Court Road tube station and took a picture that I’d be happy to have somewhere in my portfolio. So, back to the Water Rats for yet another gig, having dragged ourselves out in the damp, instead of watching yet […]

Chthonic, HMV Forum, London

Long day of interviews, setting up, hanging around, selling merch, noodles and lots of metal. It was good. Related Posts:Grace Solero, Water RatsMalefice, Camden UnderworldArch Enemy, WolverhamptonChthonic, WolverhamptonFuryon, Dublin Castle

Arch Enemy, Wolverhampton

There’s not a lot to say about this: complete wall of metal with some melody in the background. Angela is a great frontman whipping the audience up and engaging the crowd. Put it this way, while I was shooting, my can of Red Stripe was dancing quietly to itself on the bass bin. Good work […]

Angela Gossow, Arch Enemy

Brutal. That is all. Related Posts:Arch Enemy, WolverhamptonChthonic, HMV Forum, LondonChthonic, WolverhamptonBleech, Camden BarflyAlessi’s Ark, Bush Hall

Sheryl Crow, Hammersmith Apollo (Odeon!), grumpy.

Grump. Third time shooting there, third time no pit, third time photographers plastered to the side wall. Seriously, how do they expect to look good? Oh, wait, we’re good. So that’s all right then. Also, she’s so not metal. More pictures on Related Posts:Grace Solero, Water RatsLogan Plant @ Purple Turtle, CamdenBleech, Bull and […]

Run Don’t Walk, Proud Camden, S90 at a gig again

Normally, I wouldn’t blog a mate’s husband’s band but in this case I’m going to make an exception for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I’d gone armed only with the S90 and given the limitations, like to get f/2.0 you need to be wide at 24mm equivalent, it performed as well as can be expected. […]

Logan Plant @ Purple Turtle, Camden

OK, that was disappointing. Last time I saw him it was to a packed, jumping audience at the Barfly. This time he got blown off the stage by the support band The Mercy House whose fans mostly departed after they’d finished. OK, so he’s trying out a new album apparently and he’s nursing a cold, […]

Canon S90 to shoot a gig?

Tonight’s gig, Secret Cinema Band, aren’t one of mine, they belong from a shooting perspective to @magictina, so I didn’t pack my kit, just the S90. Plus I was feeling a bit rubbish. And I’ve had a spat with JWZ and his crappy iPhone shots where he refuses to carry another gizmo and I maintain […]