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Acrassicauda kickstarter comes good!

When I got home last week, i had a nice surprise waiting: the Acrassicauda kickstarter I’d backed seemingly aeons ago. Two CD’s, one of which is the new album, the Heavy Metal in Baghdad DVD with copious extras and a T-Shirt. As a bonus, the album is co-produced by the legendary Alex Skolnick. Musically, it […]

Chthonic, Download 2013

So that was another minor bucket list item checked off: being with a band at Download. We only got to see one day of the three because of assorted logistical issues, and I spent all of it backstage either taking photos or being like water. For Chthonic, it was a special show, they brought over […]

Peanut Butter Lovesicle, Death by Sexy, Purple Turtle, Camden

The mighty Peanut Butter Lovesicle are approaching the end of their stint in London and this makes me a sad polar bear. In the space of about six weeks so far, they’ve turned a fairly diffident, indifferent audience, and a few discerning fans, into a great turnout at the Purple Turtle last night. Their tight, […]

She Makes War – this is the future

Today I saw the future of live music photography. Yesterday, I shot a friend’s band Lola Colt at the Barfly on my trusty D300 often at ISO3200 and higher. I also for fun took at shot with the iPhone and uploaded it there and then. Tonight, a gig in the salubrious Hospital Club by She […]

BP Portrait Award 2011

We did the BP Portrait Award Exhibition 2011 at The National Portrait Gallery today. Overall, a really nice selection of paintings in all styles from photo-realistic to splashy impressionistic, classical and even slightly cartoony. As a photographer, it’s very easy to forget there are other arts forms. Although there were a few here that borrowed […]

Alessi’s Ark, Bush Hall

Went along to see Sam Nadel on drums as I haven’t seen him since the Blackbud in Bath days. It was the first gig I’d seen at Bush hall despite passing through when the late Fortune Drive were playing. It’s a lovely venue. If you can go, do so! Alessi herself was possibly better as […]

Regent’s Park in color film

The experiments continue. This is a roll I shot mostly in Regent’s park a few weeks ago when it was autumn rather than the Siberian conditions we have right now. This is the only passable picture out of 36 in my editorial opinion: The colours off the Fujifilm are good and the lens flare and […]

Joanna guy, Camden Market

From our place, we have a secret back entrance to the Stables market. The new bit that certain Camden oldsters feel is too commercialised. Screw them. When you need a piano or some vintage leather shoes or a BOAC manbag, you know where to come. This guy sells pianos. Related Posts:Street photography competitionBarrow, Inverness Street […]

Beardyman album launch

I’d only been vaguely aware of Beardyman as some kind of beatboxing prodigy but had never witnesses the man, or beard, in action before. Tonight fixed this. Let’s be very clear, this is not your average punk on a street corner, or indeed that black guy from Police Academy. Oh no. He takes this to […]