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Dio Disciples, Monument, O2 Islington Academy

I went to this mostly in order to support my good mate and superb drummer, Matt C, in his new band Monument. And great British hard rock it was to boot. Lovely. Second band, black metal. Forget it. Total misfit. And finally Dio Disciples with, as far as I can tell, Tim “Ripper” Owens, Craig […]

Selling my Deep Purple stuff!

I need the cupboard space so I’m getting rid of a bunch of Deep Purple Family Tree stuff here: It’s all priced lower than any other marketplace stuff as the cases (and sleeves) are generally a little scuffed. Inlays and stuff are usually fine. I’ll announce the eBay stuff when I get round to […]

Clitter, Hamsters, Deep Purple, Night Market: Daily Dave #26

Start your day off right with a lovely bit of Marilyn. The week starts today. Sorry, it was a busy weekend culminating with shooting Deep Purple and having my photography students show some great pics in class. Nice night market shots. These aren’t, strictly speaking “street” or “candid”, but they’re beautifully lit and the people […]

Deep Purple, Taipei, 8 May 2010, Nangang Exhibition Centre

It’s always nice to see the guys somewhere “exotic”. I was a little shocked at the barn-like proportions of the venue, the Nangang Exhibition Centre, but as you can see from the last photo, there was none of the sterility you might get in such a barn in Europe. Great sound, interesting setlist and good […]

Deep Purple Australasia set list

In anticipation of them playing Taipei tomorrow night, I threw together a spotify playlist of the setlist from one of the Oz gigs. Enjoy! Related Posts:Deep Purple, Taipei, 8 May 2010, Nangang Exhibition CentreDio Disciples, Monument, O2 Islington AcademyHome Made Lo Bak GaoSelling my Deep Purple stuff!Street photography competition

Deep Purple, hackers, boobquake, airspace. DD #23

Still limping along on the spare pooter and having to do some work today. But here are some linkies for your delight: Some lovely gnarly pictures from Chengdu. On expired film no less. Dear police, don’t try to fuck over a hacker.  Especially one who found and fixed a bug in the entire internet. pwned. […]