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What’s new in perl?

For about four years, I’d been living in perl 5.8.8. land at the BBC, and some unicode issues aside, not really been fussed about recent perls. I’d had a nagging feeling that I’d been missing out on shiny new features that would make my life so much easier. Also being constantly being berated on the […]

AngelHack Hackathon Fall 2012

So that was a weekend. AngelHack is designed to throw a couple of hundred people of various disciplines together to see what wacky and zany ideas they can come up with in 24 hours. There are sponsors present, Microsoft pimping BizSpark and CouchDB amongst others, rewarding you with loot for sitting through their pitches. First […]

Recruiters – what exactly are you for?

I was recently looking for a new contract, hopefully something leveraging what I’ve been doing recently (SCRUM) and outside what are usually seen as my core skills (perl, Hudson). This brought me into copious contact with that subspecies of human we call the “recruitment consultant”, “agent” or more collquially “pimp”. What I’ve found has staggered […]

Installing Maven on a fresh RedHat/Centos 5.5…

This one had me a bit baffled but the recipe turned out to be easy once you know which chickens to sacrifice in which order. So: Add the jpackage info into /etc/yum.repos.d: Fix a dependency problem: rpm -Uvh Then yum update and then: yum install maven2 400 updates later, you’re in business! # […]