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Chthonic, Download 2013

So that was another minor bucket list item checked off: being with a band at Download. We only got to see one day of the three because of assorted logistical issues, and I spent all of it backstage either taking photos or being like water. For Chthonic, it was a special show, they brought over […]

Doris Yeh Signed Limted Edition Print!

Bloodstock 2012

I managed to pin Doris of Chthonic down when she was over and got her to sign 3 (just 3!) giclée prints on Kodak archival paper on an acid-free 11″x14″ mount. This shot was taken at Bloodstock Open Air 2012 up at Catton Hall, which was a fine show. The cost is £150 plus £5 […]

From the road, a shout out to Arkan!

I’d fully intended keeping a daily diary of six weeks of touring mayhem with Chthonic and despite pretty consistent internet availability, this has failed to transpire. Lots of stories though if we get together for a beer. BUT! I have to give a HUGE shout out to the band who opened for four gigs in […]

Malefice, Camden Underworld

This will be entirely biased. I toured as tour manager for Chthonic in November and Malefice were also on the bill with us. When you do this, hump gear together, negotiate merchandise table space, share the dressing room, you get to know whether the chaps you’re working with are nice guys or not. Once we […]

Chthonic, HMV Forum, London

Long day of interviews, setting up, hanging around, selling merch, noodles and lots of metal. It was good. Related Posts:Grace Solero, Water RatsMalefice, Camden UnderworldArch Enemy, WolverhamptonChthonic, WolverhamptonFuryon, Dublin Castle

Arch Enemy, Wolverhampton

There’s not a lot to say about this: complete wall of metal with some melody in the background. Angela is a great frontman whipping the audience up and engaging the crowd. Put it this way, while I was shooting, my can of Red Stripe was dancing quietly to itself on the bass bin. Good work […]

Chthonic, Wolverhampton

Yesterday can only be described as a clusterfuck. Hearsay about things between bands that turned out fine when checking with the relevant authorities, to having Ennio Morricone’s finest “For a few Dollars More” theme nearly used as our intro, through to losing the keys to the tour bus. Still, we made it and a relatively […]

Chthonic Manchester

Long day, must sleep, just want to say a great show, great crowd and thanks to Arch Enemy for drawing them in! Here’s some pics for you: Related Posts:Malefice, Camden UnderworldChthonic, HMV Forum, LondonChthonic, WolverhamptonChthonic, Download 2013From the road, a shout out to Arkan!

Taiwan – Touched My Heart

Taiwan has possibly the cheesiest slogan ever: “Touch my heart”. It certainly touched mine. I cocked up the outward booking slightly by forgetting that an Eastward flight would be an overnight one so I was due to arrive on the day of the “Free Tibet” Chthonic gig. After a typically horrible sleeper and a ninety […]