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Camden farmer’s market

Here we have Norfolk’s ambassador to Camden presenting his wares at Camden farmer’s market. Ever since I’ve been in Camden I’ve wondered, and asked, often why Camden doesn’t have a farmer’s market. If I get the urge, I tend to wander up to Parliament Hill Fields on a Saturday morning. Well, now it does on […]

Peanut Butter Lovesicle, Death by Sexy, Purple Turtle, Camden

The mighty Peanut Butter Lovesicle are approaching the end of their stint in London and this makes me a sad polar bear. In the space of about six weeks so far, they’ve turned a fairly diffident, indifferent audience, and a few discerning fans, into a great turnout at the Purple Turtle last night. Their tight, […]

Bleech, Camden Barfly

First time I’ve seen Bleech in nearly a year, although I thought it was much longer. Not much to say except they’re as loud, passionate and energetic as I’ve ever known them. They’ve been stepping up their gigs and it was nice to see them at a reasonably crowded Barfly. Anyhow, the pics, one of […]

Peanut Butter Lovesicle, Fiddlers Elbow

These guys are over from New York for a few months, playing toilets and building up a following. I’ve seen them a few times already and will see them many times more before they return home and I’ve pimped them as widely as I can. Musically, they’re in the modern Zepplin or Who space as […]

Cycling in London part two and a rant

Waiting in the cycle box

I’ve resumed cycle commuting after nearly a year’s rest. Well, aside from some trips down to Clerkenwell or to the Festival Hall for the odd meeting. The new commute is twice the length of the previous one. This one goes from Camden to Shepherd’s Bush, as the map from Runkeeper shows. Previously, the Paddington route […]

Camden – a little history

Thanks to Paulo Rodrigues in the Camden flickr group for unearthing the information here. I’ve been in Camden about four years now firstly down on Delancey Street but now in the heart of what used to be the main interchange for wine, beer, gin and whisky. The two big names locally being “Gilbeys” and “Pickfords”: […]

She Makes War – this is the future

Today I saw the future of live music photography. Yesterday, I shot a friend’s band Lola Colt at the Barfly on my trusty D300 often at ISO3200 and higher. I also for fun took at shot with the iPhone and uploaded it there and then. Tonight, a gig in the salubrious Hospital Club by She […]

Fashion on the Lock

Fashion on the Lock was a two-day event this past Thursday and Friday at Camden Lock showcasing talent such as Olga Adegoroye, Chloe Cummings, Jade Ottway, Purple Turtle Beads, Holly Mansell and Exquisite Xcessories. As usual I volunteered to take some shots but ended up getting distracted by two stands in particular: the lovely ladies […]

Camden Unlocked

Today was a day for chakras, auras, crystals in the market. It was a lovely sunny day and everyone was smiling. And I loved the Buddha! We had tea at Yumchaa as usual… Camden Unlocked – Images by David Hodgkinson Related Posts:A ramble round Camden, NW1Back in CamdenCamden farmer’s marketCycling in London part two and […]

Bleech at the Monarch, Camdem

Managed to bimble over the road to the Monarch in Camden see Bleech again. There must be something about the Monarch that brings out good stuff in bands: Kate Nash’s little band were also excellent here. Anyhow, Bleech played a blinder. Just want that thrash instrumental midsection to be longer! The lighting was also interesting: […]

Camden Lock Market, Experiments in Film

A couple of weeks ago, went on a little walk round Camden Lock Market with Ed Walker, he armed with his trusty Nikon D80, me with the old film Nikon F65 and the trusty 50mm f/1.8. On the first walk, I was loaded with Ilford ISO400 black and white film of some sort. As you […]

Malefice, Camden Underworld

This will be entirely biased. I toured as tour manager for Chthonic in November and Malefice were also on the bill with us. When you do this, hump gear together, negotiate merchandise table space, share the dressing room, you get to know whether the chaps you’re working with are nice guys or not. Once we […]

Street photography competition

A street photography competition caught my eye. I shoot constantly when out and about and have a huge number to choose from. A category is “world” and having spent six months in Taipei I can make a selection from there. However, my world is now Camden and I can choose a set I’ve shot since […]

A ramble round Camden, NW1

I think I shall eschew the year-end roundup. The year speaks for itself: six months in Taipei, getting married and shooting some bands I didn’t expect to like Peaches, Sheryl Crow an Arch Enemy. I feel like my photography has come on a lot this year though. I’ve got some pictures that I’d be really […]

Joanna guy, Camden Market

From our place, we have a secret back entrance to the Stables market. The new bit that certain Camden oldsters feel is too commercialised. Screw them. When you need a piano or some vintage leather shoes or a BOAC manbag, you know where to come. This guy sells pianos. Related Posts:Street photography competitionBarrow, Inverness Street […]

Furyon, Dublin Castle

I admit, I’ve become jaded. There are only a couple of bands I’ll turn out for now and they are friends. But still good. These guys are most definitely one of them. I was introduced to them by my drummer mate Matt when they were known as “Pride”, a fairly OK AOR-ish hard rock band. […]

The Chin Chin Laboratorists: liquid Nitrogen ice cream

This opened up while I was away and a chilly Friday afternoon seemed to be the ideal time to sample it. If you come here to Camden Lock at the weekend be prepared for a wait as the queue is usually right out the door and down the cobbles. The gimmick is that for £4 […]

Cycling in London – my experiences

I confess. I’m now one of THEM. Yes, a cyclist. The choice between a 20 minute cycle and a 55 minute bus ride, even in the dark, is a no-brainer. I’ve now been doing it for two months, pre- and post-DST change. I’m not dead yet. I’ve had a couple of a little too close […]

Barrow, Inverness Street market

On our way back from the West End through an eerily quiet Camden, aside from the pounding music from a couple of nearly deserted bars; Monday night and tube strike presumably. I’d been shooting odds and ends this evening but as usual, it’s either the first or last that is “the one”. Again, shot with […]

Run Don’t Walk, Proud Camden, S90 at a gig again

Normally, I wouldn’t blog a mate’s husband’s band but in this case I’m going to make an exception for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I’d gone armed only with the S90 and given the limitations, like to get f/2.0 you need to be wide at 24mm equivalent, it performed as well as can be expected. […]

Acey Slade, Purple Turtle

I’d been dragged to an Acey show before on the basis that he’d been in a band with people who had been in a band my daughter listened to and it was a damn fine show. This show was no different. Fast, furious, high-energy and rocking. I have to say, for a “name” show, it […]

Back in Camden

Have I said it’s good to be back? And Louise is with me on a proper visa. Does it get any better? Related Posts:A ramble round Camden, NW1Camden farmer’s marketPeanut Butter Lovesicle, Death by Sexy, Purple Turtle, CamdenCycling in London part two and a rantGrace Solero, Water Rats

Logan Plant @ Purple Turtle, Camden

OK, that was disappointing. Last time I saw him it was to a packed, jumping audience at the Barfly. This time he got blown off the stage by the support band The Mercy House whose fans mostly departed after they’d finished. OK, so he’s trying out a new album apparently and he’s nursing a cold, […]

Canon S90 to shoot a gig?

Tonight’s gig, Secret Cinema Band, aren’t one of mine, they belong from a shooting perspective to @magictina, so I didn’t pack my kit, just the S90. Plus I was feeling a bit rubbish. And I’ve had a spat with JWZ and his crappy iPhone shots where he refuses to carry another gizmo and I maintain […]