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What’s new in perl?

For about four years, I’d been living in perl 5.8.8. land at the BBC, and some unicode issues aside, not really been fussed about recent perls. I’d had a nagging feeling that I’d been missing out on shiny new features that would make my life so much easier. Also being constantly being berated on the […]

A new Squeeze with Postgres on VMware

I feel the need to note this down because two of these three are largely unfamiliar to me, and the other one bit me in the unmentionables. Hopefully this permutation will help others. Also, this is the setup I needed for my current $ork. First, let’s download our operating system. I honestly can’t remember the […]

Maintaining a Darkpan

I didn’t find many references out there that did exactly what I needed, but with the help of Miyagawa and others, I cobbled together the right combination of incantations. To give some background, at the BBC we have a project whose technical debt has built up to the point where they require archaic versions of […]

Cycling in London part two and a rant

Waiting in the cycle box

I’ve resumed cycle commuting after nearly a year’s rest. Well, aside from some trips down to Clerkenwell or to the Festival Hall for the odd meeting. The new commute is twice the length of the previous one. This one goes from Camden to Shepherd’s Bush, as the map from Runkeeper shows. Previously, the Paddington route […]

Emacs as a perl IDE II

Having polled the assorted perlish hiveminds of the BBC, the London perlmongers and Reddit, I got a really good selection of responses. So, from Reddit: Put “perl -cw” into flymake so you can see syntax errors right away. Even more immediately than trying to compile? Could be useful. From Dot mode attempts to emulate […]