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Camden Lock Market, Experiments in Film

A couple of weeks ago, went on a little walk round Camden Lock Market with Ed Walker, he armed with his trusty Nikon D80, me with the old film Nikon F65 and the trusty 50mm f/1.8. On the first walk, I was loaded with Ilford ISO400 black and white film of some sort. As you […]

Church Farm House – Underground Exhibition

Today we toddled up to the imminently closing Church Farm House Museum in Hendon to see the Harry Beck exhibition. Wow. With gardens at the back, a pub next door, church and graveyard it was like being in a village. Which at one point, I guess it was! So here are some pics of something […]

Grace Solero, Water Rats

I’ve known Grace for over four years now, since I first saw her busking at Tottenham Court Road tube station and took a picture that I’d be happy to have somewhere in my portfolio. So, back to the Water Rats for yet another gig, having dragged ourselves out in the damp, instead of watching yet […]

Street photography competition

A street photography competition caught my eye. I shoot constantly when out and about and have a huge number to choose from. A category is “world” and having spent six months in Taipei I can make a selection from there. However, my world is now Camden and I can choose a set I’ve shot since […]

Regent’s Park in color film

The experiments continue. This is a roll I shot mostly in Regent’s park a few weeks ago when it was autumn rather than the Siberian conditions we have right now. This is the only passable picture out of 36 in my editorial opinion: The colours off the Fujifilm are good and the lens flare and […]

Joanna guy, Camden Market

From our place, we have a secret back entrance to the Stables market. The new bit that certain Camden oldsters feel is too commercialised. Screw them. When you need a piano or some vintage leather shoes or a BOAC manbag, you know where to come. This guy sells pianos. Related Posts:Street photography competitionBarrow, Inverness Street […]

Primrose Hill Greengrocer

Is it a sign of the times that it takes a posh area of London to sustain a “proper” greengrocer, whereas in an area like Camden where I’d expect poor people to load up on spuds from a sack is well-served by the usual Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Lidl. That said, normal people probably couldn’t afford […]

Barrow, Inverness Street market

On our way back from the West End through an eerily quiet Camden, aside from the pounding music from a couple of nearly deserted bars; Monday night and tube strike presumably. I’d been shooting odds and ends this evening but as usual, it’s either the first or last that is “the one”. Again, shot with […]

Alone on the tube

Ain’t it always the way? It’s always the first or last pics of a session that are the keepers. In this case this is the only decent one I shot digitally before I relinquished the S90 to Ed. The rest will have to wait for the film to be developed! We ended up back at […]

Graveyard Рphotography clich̩ #14

Yesterday as we were driving to New Mills for a walk round the, er, old mills, we passed the church and churchyard in Chapel-en-le-Frith. It looked like a good setting to take some shots being all nicely overgrown. It’s also preparation for when I get back to London and have Highgate cemetery on my doorstep […]

Chapel-En-Le Frith – High Peaks

OK, so the peaks aren’t quite as high as the ones I left behind in Taiwan but by British standards they’re pretty rugged and sheep-laden. I took a hike up to Eccles Pike which has a lovely view in both directions and over Coombs reservoir. The local cottagery is lovely. And as you can see, […]

Yeliou volcanic rock, Taiwan

On a geographic note, Yeliou is volcanic rock carved by the waves into interesting shapes. There’s a famous “queens head” formation but we didn’t make it out that far as it was too hot! Gov’t info here: On a photographic note, this is B/W from the D300 with the 50mm f/1.8 lens. Rather good […]

B/W prints – the reveal

A couple of days ago I took some photos of Taipei I’d taken, rendered to Tri-X 400 pushed 2 stops with Alienskin then asked for opinion. Those opinions were pretty evenly spread. With help, I chose 7 to be printed. The prints were on “Kodak Digital Royal” paper, for what that’s worth. Here are the […]

Experiments in Alienskin

For a while now, I’ve been interested in the cognitive effects of “film effects” on a digital image. Many times I’ve taken a colour image that ticks all the boxes in terms of composition, exposure and so on and had little or no reaction. Once converted to black and white, suddenly, the response is much […]

Shi-Da night market again

We went out to Shi-Da again tonight after a typically tropical sudden torrential downpour. I’d recently discovered that the Nikon D300 has quite a useful black and white mode in contrast to the usual desaturated greyness you usually get. So tonight with old school film intent, I went out with the 50mm prime, the ISO […]

Taipei Riverside

This is Taipei riverside. It’s not as romantic as it sounds. A strip of flood plain that’s been landscaped and had cycle paths added. Unfortunately it’s hemmed in and overflown by roads bearing heavy traffic. The river itself isn’t much to write home about either: a muddy, shallow, wide strip of water that doesn’t bear […]