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Halting SSD on 2011 Macbook Pro

Throwing this one out there hoping the google juice will help people with the same problem. I’ve tried installing an SSD into the optibay my 2011-era Macbook Pro with no success: the SSD stalls on writes rendering the whole thing useless. Recently I went through the Crucial selection process, ordered one that was supposedly suitable […]

Scott Kelby “Light It! Shoot It! Retouch It!” Seminar

I have a couple of Kelby books since they’re good for recipes for doing stuff in the various Adobe packages. When I saw he was coming to London and doing a day’s seminar and it was about sixty quid, I figured why not wander along. It’s not far to go and there’s decent food and […]

Long weekend in Lisbon

As our friends on Facebook know only too well, we had a long weekend in Lisbon last weekend staying with good friends, eating, drinking and doing general tourism. We ate sardines, I drank the wine, we walked the old city, saw the Sé, had Pasteis de Bélem, took the ferry, went to Sintra, sat on […]