Web team balance benchmarking

In my current contract I’ve spent much time looking at the existsing system, frameworks, team management and such. It was only this week in a tech meeting as we were attempting to sketch out an architecture diagram that I had an epihpany: the team was far to small for the work that needs doing and that it’s totally unbalanced with all developers and none of the important peripheral roles.

We’re a web-based buiness, we should be tooled up as such.

Thus, I put a totally unscientific, yet remarkably indicative survey up, that garnered 50 responses.

In summary, yes, we’re out of kilter, short of front-end, QA, DevOps and a product owner.

Here’s the raw data with a few bogons cleaned up

The two questions I omitted were: “How many technical architects?” and “What sector is your company in?”, but hey.

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