CPAN, Travis, coverall goodness

Travis screen shotI’d used Webservice::Tesco::API to get DVD links for Cineastic and then Tesco announced that they’d revamped the API – a JSON REST layer over the original SOAP version. The original author, wasn’t really interested in updating the module so I took it on.

While I was doing this, I reinstated a bunch of tests that were in the original module, testing Kwalitee, docs, version compatibility and so on.

Then I got pointed at which was interesting as you can build on many versions and add a nice badge to the README! This page had all the necessary documentation including badges for code coverage and versions.

Overall, I’d say I’m now a HUGE fan. Despite the extra overhead, I would say running the code through this pipeline made a huge positive difference to a module I no longer really care about!

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