More perl test modules

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Today I learned about these cute perl testing chaps:

  • Test::Portability::Files – Check file names portability across OSes
  • Test::Synopsis – Test your SYNOPSIS code
  • Test::Vars – Detects unused variables
  • Test::DistManifest – Author test that validates a package MANIFEST
  • Test::CPAN::Meta – Validate your CPAN META.yml files
  • Test::EOL – Check the correct line endings in your project
  • Test::HasVersion – Check Perl modules have version numbers
  • Test::Kwalitee – Test the Kwalitee of a distribution before you release it
  • Test::MinimumVersion – does your code require newer perl than you think?
  • Test::NoTabs – Check the presence of tabs in your project (I have emacs set to stab tabs)

Have a bunch of tests in your t/ directory and away you go! Oh, and set RELEASE_TESTING=1 if the .t files demand it.

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