London Tourist Stuff III

Tourist Stuff in London, take III

Columbia Road Flower MarketIt’s been a couple of years since my first couple of takes on this so it’s time for an update, complete with stuff I didn’t know existed back then. I’ve taken out some we just don’t visit. Of note, is that ALL the museums have excellent cafes and restaurants. The list has been trimmed down to the two categories I feel I can bring expertise to: museums and markets. With added links!


  • Tate Modern and Tate Britain – great museums. We visited often enough that it was worth becoming members. Klee at the Tate Modern right now is well worth it.
  • British Museum – Again, we’re members. El Dorado has been on, looking forward to the Vikings. The free stuff is excellent.
  • National gallery – lovely art, great guided tours.
  • National Portrait Gallery – smaller but still good, runs the Taylor Wessing exhibition yearly, about to open a David Bailey exhibition.
  • Science Museum, Victoria and Albert, Natural History Museum – all fantastic with a lot of workshops, tours and late openings as well.
  • British Library – As well as being a great place to work with its intense academic atmosphere, it runs some very good exhibitions. Also handy for St Pancras and Euston.
  • Royal Academy – Good exhibitions and handy for Fortnum and Mason’s
  • Photographers gallery – Nice building near Oxford Circus, 50/50 for good exhibitions/li>
  • Museum of London at the Barbican and Docklands – The Barbican has a full walk-through history of London, Docklands a much more dock-centred view.
  • Wellcombe Collection – A medically-centred museum. Very good!
  • Geffrye Museum – the history of the home, situated right next to Hoxton Overground and handy for Vietnamese foods.
  • The Wallace Collection – A really bizarre collection of artefacts collected by rich people over a couple of hunred years from Armour to Titian. Close to Oxford Circus.
  • The William Morris Gallery – Despite being in the badlands a 20 minute walk beyond Walthamstow Central, this is an exquisite collection of work by a man with a passion to try to bring quality furnishings and decoration to everyone. A favourite.


  • Camden – Obviously. It’s where we live but there’s far more to it than just the tourist stuff. Pay a visit to My Village for some warm, friendly coffee and Kurdish food, any of the cafes on the high street or Parkway or even duck under the railway and head into Primrose Hill for a completely different experience.
  • Columbia Road Flower Market – It’s a vibrant flower market on a Sunday, but there are a good sixty little shops and eateries for other times. Nice.
  • Chatsworth Road – One of my favourites. So far out East it’s not been invaded by hipsters and has a lovely selection of food, cheese, bread and crafts. Easy walk up the road from Homerton overground past the hospital. Also doable for us from the end of the 393 bus. But you don’t care about that!
  • Borough Market – A tourist essential but at weekends is now FAR too busy and is on my “avoid if at all possible” list.
  • Broadway Market – Just inside the hipster catchment with a good food market and craft food stalls. Nice bars and restaurants down the side. It’s a lovely walk along the canal from Haggerston Overground.
  • Parliament Hill Fields Farmers Market – Well worth a trip on a Saturday morning for organic meats and cheeses and in the summer an ice cream and a walk across the heath to the village.

I’m sure there’s more. I’ll blog when I remember!

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