Camden farmer’s market

The ambassador for Norfolk - Camden farmer's marketHere we have Norfolk’s ambassador to Camden presenting his wares at Camden farmer’s market. Ever since I’ve been in Camden I’ve wondered, and asked, often why Camden doesn’t have a farmer’s market. If I get the urge, I tend to wander up to Parliament Hill Fields on a Saturday morning.

Well, now it does on a Friday, albeit twice-weekly. There are tasty wares on offer, from artisan bread (Hoxton on the first week was sublime) to the obligatory Bath cheeses who turn up everywhere. I got some Tottenham Wildes cheese which being young was a bit bland. Give me some lovely Comté from the Dark Knights of Cholesterol any day!

I do fear for the market though. Footfall on a Friday during the day seems poor. Maybe some marketing among the local offices, leafleting local homes and perhaps cheekily doorstepping outside Morrisons or Sainsburys would help a lot. I will enjoy it while it lasts and looking forward to this coming Friday!

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