The Tate: Pre-Raphelites, Turner, Moriyama

On strong urging, we went to see the Pre-Raphaelites at Tate Britain.

And therein lies a story. With joint visitation being in the region of £35, and an annual membership around £90 it seemed crazy not to cough up for membership. Plus we get lounge access! So I coughed up. And we got to see the Turner prize exhibition for free as well.

What is there to say about this that doesn’t sound overcooked? GO SEE IT. I’d been aware of the low-hanging fruit like Rosetti and Millais, as well as the crossover with William Morris, but to see the development of the school over decades and many affiliated and even unrelated artists was great. A room of Morris-related craft added to the ambience. The audio guide was worth it too according to my in-house artist, apparently. Will definitely go back before it closes!

The Turner Prize was a mixed bag. Too much un-grabbing video work for me. Paul Noble was robbed.

We then hit up William Klein and Daido Moriyama at Tate Modern. We’d seen the Moriyama video loop outside already which whetted my appetite. Sadly, despite the comprehensiveness of the shows, and all the contrasty black and white street photos, it left me cold. Nothing really captured. Might give it another try if we’re down that way again (likely). Also the member’s room was a zoo.

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