AngelHack Hackathon Fall 2012

So that was a weekend. AngelHack is designed to throw a couple of hundred people of various disciplines together to see what wacky and zany ideas they can come up with in 24 hours. There are sponsors present, Microsoft pimping BizSpark and CouchDB amongst others, rewarding you with loot for sitting through their pitches.

First a comment about the hosts Bloomberg. Nice shiny building in the outer heart of the City of London. Sadly, their operation doesn’t scale. Queues for registration on Saturday were far too long and the single queue for catering ensured the pizza was cold and nasty. Sad. Monkigras was orders of magnitude better.

I fell in with a friend of a guy I know from the startup circuit with an idea for a marketplace for people in the music business. I know this area well and went off and coded something, leveling up slightly in Catalyst. I suspect I was the only person coding perl in a sea of Rails and Objective C. In the event, we barely touched on the code, talking through graphical mockups, but I was happy to have learned what I did. I know who to talk to to progress this idea further. I also destroyed a nice stylesheet in the process. Might try to find a different one.

I’d like to see more of the perl community turning out to events like this, it would certainly raise the profile of the language.

I also nipped out to Silicon Milkroundabout which suffered from similar buzzword-itis. There was some Java and Perl lurking in the background but it was mostly all shiny new children.

Ho hum.

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  1. @opyate says:

    We were probably the odd ones out then (Lua, anyone?).

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