On camera modes: “Sunset mode”

Regents Park sunset...When I teach photography, one of the things I tell my students is “don’t be afraid of the modes”. Tell this to someone who fancies themselves as a “proper” photographer and I’m likely to be met with the sucking of air over teeth. This is the reaction of a clueless bigot. All modes are are quick presets for certain situations: “sports mode” sets shutter speed priority, “beach” mode sets a nice sunlight white balance and “snow mode” fixes the exposure and white balance.

My old Canon S90 had a favourite: “sunset mode”. It took a fairly ordinary evening sky and turned it into something nice. It disappeared on the Canon S95, but with the power of fiddling, and for your benefit, I’ve worked out how to emulate it manually! Here’s the recipe: underexpose by one stop and ramp up the white balance. And here’s the result with several kittens: silhouette, reflection, sunset and a musician having his photo taken!

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  1. We use the various modes all of the time. Nice silhouette picture.

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