Dio Disciples, Monument, O2 Islington Academy

I went to this mostly in order to support my good mate and superb drummer, Matt C, in his new band Monument. And great British hard rock it was to boot. Lovely. Second band, black metal. Forget it. Total misfit.

And finally Dio Disciples with, as far as I can tell, Tim “Ripper” Owens, Craig Goldy, James LoMenzo, Simon Wright and Scott Warren. Having seen Dio with both his own band and Deep Purple backing him, I can safely say this was like seeing someone sleep with your ex-girlfriend. A little sad. And the turnout was pretty pathetic even for a Monday night. Oh well. They’re all well-seasoned performers but nothing really standout.


Monument, Islington – Images by David Hodgkinson

Dio Disciples – Images by David Hodgkinson

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