London Zoo

Five years in London and I finally scratched an itch. The Zoo! First up, when we went in, my eyes watered. £23 for a ticket! Ouch! But I’ll say now, it was totally worth it. We were there for nearly seven hours and even with a cheeseburger at at £5.50 and a couple of cups of tea it was good value. OK, so the lions, tigers and gorillas were lethargic but that meant they were still so I got some reasonable shots. I can’t even begin to remember the names of many of the animals we saw, but here are some of the best. Disappointingly, no pandas or polar bears.

All the conservation work they do was sobering, much like the films we saw at the science museum. We are killing the planet. Razing forests for soy plantations is not good.

But yes, if you have a WHOLE DAY to spend in London, do the zoo.

Photography footnote: it was a really grey day, and it pushed even a really wide lens. Then the sun came out and it got worse.








Pygmy Hippo

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One Response to “London Zoo”

  1. Jeff Revell says:

    I absolutely love London Zoo. A fabulous day out with some great photography opportunities. Nice shot of the tiger.


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