London Festival of Photography

Having hibernated yesterday because of Jubilee rubbish grinding London to a halt and the awful weather, today I resolved to do better and hit up the London Festival of Photography. We saw a few exhibits last year and they were pretty good, and they’re well clustered in easy to get at parts of London.

First up were the Contemporary London Street Photography and The Great British Public exhibitions in King’s Cross and St Pancras Stations respectively. Don’t be put off by the busy locations, they are cracking shows with many photos guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Up the side of St Pancras on the way to Camden are two galleries: the Minnie Weisz showing “Camera Obscura” and the Hardy Tree showing “Single Saudi Women”. The former was closed, sadly, but the latter was an interesting project trying to show the breadth of life style of Saudi women in the UK. Incidentally the Minnie Weiscz Gallery is a great place to go to find out about wet plate photography!

Then, off up past my part-time alma mater Central Saint Martins to King’s Place for a welcome coffee and sit down. The Guardian offices in the same building were showing Beneath the Surface by Steve Bloom, a selection of photos of apartheid-era South Africa.

A handy bus took us from there to the British Museum for “Money in Bamako and London” a surprisingly small set for such a large space. It links lives in Mali and London within the context of the recent upheaval there.

And finally, a dusty doorway on Oxford Street hid yet more excellent street photos. 3Space have taken over a floor in a disused (how can office space on Oxford Street be disused?!!) office to show yet more “International Street Photography“. Some more smile-crackers in there, especially the Mexican workers in the backs of pickups.

The only other exhibit I feel really drawn to is the London photographs from the late fifties and early sixties at the Museum of London. Not long now before my childhood is history!

So yes, a good day out and inspired with this and a new camera, I might have dashed off some street snaps too.


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