Broadway Market photowalk

One excellent reason for heading out to the badlands of London Fields is to visit Laura’s lovely new café “Coffee is my cup of tea”. Nestled in a railway arch next to the station, Laura and her partner have already got a great place going. It’s organic and there’s a lovely selection of cakes including gluten-free. Lush.

The second excellent reason is the London Fields Brewery. Damn fine ale. This time, the spring “gold” from the cask was excellent and a London bargain at £3. Odd I’ve been here twice now and still not to the one up in Kentish Town.

Having been seduced by the area the first time I was there, I looked at property prices. Don’t. The days of cheap areas in London are long gone.

On with the photography! Markets like this one, or Borough Market are street photography gold with people focused on food and booze and always interesting characters around. In this case, some dodgy geezers who had fly-pitched a chicken grill complete with generator and boom-box and nice chatty stallholders. And samples. Oh yes. Cheese, olive oil, balsamic vinegar. I think I caught a couple of stink-eyes too but they were trapped behind their tables and couldn’t get to me! I have a tendency to keep moving, but it’s always good to hang out in one place to see the ebb and flow and let pictures come to you.

On a photographic note, my D300 is in for a repair estimate (over £400. Not going to happen). My new Nikon D700 was waiting for me in John Lewis, so I went out with my decrepit Nikon D70 and the £100 55-200mm crappy zoom. It’s rubbish but I like it! The other thing was that the auto white balance was coming out about 500C cooler than I reckoned. This happens on the D300 too. It’s possibly not well adjusted to our grim grey skies. I ended up in the sun in a park in Bethnal Green before a swift one with a friend. Which was nice.

So! The pictures! One day I’m going to go to one of these markets with £20 to spend, rather than being grouchy and mean.

Broadway Market – Images by David Hodgkinson

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