Spitalfields and Brick Lane Photowalk

I had the day to myself, so Paul and I decided to take a walk to the Spitalfields area to take some pics. We started at the back of Liverpool Street station trying to get inspired by some architecture, then to the Market and up Brick Lane for people and other randomness. This is my favourite! Look at the things going on in this. Also, a mix of black and white. Some work really well in colour, some only in black and white. An odd mix.

I had the compact and the SLR with me and I took twice as many on the compact (in JPEG! in a colour mode!) as I did on the SLR. And of this set of 17, all but two came off the compact, telling I think. The last three are from on the way home up in Dalston. But I like them!

Spitalfields Walkabout – Images by David Hodgkinson

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