Lola Colt – Awkward promo shoot

DSC_6866Got a last minute call to do a promo shoot of a band. There were constraints: it had to be done tonight for a deadline tomorrow, it had to be done in the dark and they wanted to use a projector for some interesting light.

While they were running around setting things up, I played with the flash I’d brought and found it impossible to balance the flash with the ambient of the projector, even at low power or “rear curtain”, it still washed out the colours. So that was out.

Then we had many attempts with the projections that wanted. None of them worked, they all had extremes of light and dark that put some people in the dark and blew others out. In the end, we went with the lovely colours of a shot from the Hubble space telescope.

I had my tripod with me, so in the end we went with exposing for the projector, and a couple of 60 watt bulbs that were subtracting some of the harsh shadows. Higher ISO wasn’t too much of an issue as the pic is to be used for the web.

Thus, the final score: 20mm, f/2.8, ISO800, 1/13s. Glad I had my tripod.

What’s that about constraints adding to the end result?

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