From the road, a shout out to Arkan!

Sarah Layssac, ArkanI’d fully intended keeping a daily diary of six weeks of touring mayhem with Chthonic and despite pretty consistent internet availability, this has failed to transpire. Lots of stories though if we get together for a beer.


I have to give a HUGE shout out to the band who opened for four gigs in France: Arkan. If Chthonic are “Taiwanese Black Metal”, then I would describe these guys as “Arabic Black Metal”. Good rock with an Algerian lilt. They were also a joy to tour with and lovely, lovely people. And we’re only a Eurostar away!

Also, aside from the fact we had no idea who they were, we missed their sold-out gig at the Borderline what with being on tour in the UK. But really, Dave says check them out and they’ll be back in the UK soon. I will be strong-arming you all into coming!

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