Camden Lock Market Food

We’re lucky enough to live right by Camden Lock market and its delights, sometimes even venturing for foods on tourist days. This Easter weekend was supposed to have a special “breakfast” theme but as far as I could tell, it was the same wide variety of foods on offer inlcuding, but not limited to: curry, roti, cakes, juice, burgers, paella, noodles, dim sum, goat curry, cupcakes, spicy chicken, wraps, kebabs, crepes, turkish pizza, hog roast and frozen pineapples. We had a nutella crepe and a Turkish wrap. Was GOOD.

Enjoy the pics and get hungry!

Camden Lock Market Food – Images by David Hodgkinson

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One Response to “Camden Lock Market Food”

  1. Alex B says:

    Are those chicken breasts in DSC_2331 aka 10/29? Only the one second from the right, facing us, doesn’t appear to be cooked through. The horizontal one on the left looks a bit iffy, too. :-/

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