Amsterdam(p) rebooted

This was the first time I’ve been back since I broke up with my girlfriend out there in 2009 and had mixed feelings about it. We had an apartment and a good group of people. There was a gig. On arrival, I almost immediately regretted it finding the Dutchness oppressive again. However, there was more than enough to make up for it: dinner at Pata Negra cheered me up no end, meeting up with my old neighbour the GREAT photographer Andy Tan, the gig and then finally meeting up again with my old expat mates and meeting some new ones too. Oh, and my first Ethiopian food.

It was eye-wateringly expensive though: a half of beer at €2.50, a roast beef roll for €6 and an entrée in a pub for €12-€16. And I spent €26 on four chunks of Dutch cheese.

All in all though, worth it and I have some great pics, a representative selection below. There are some in there I like a LOT. Dawn and Rafters for sure. Also, the picture of the guy nomming herring with the face of the guy in the background is priceless. Real street photography.

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