Acrassicauda kickstarter comes good!

When I got home last week, i had a nice surprise waiting: the Acrassicauda kickstarter I’d backed seemingly aeons ago. Two CD’s, one of which is the new album, the Heavy Metal in Baghdad DVD with copious extras and a T-Shirt. As a bonus, the album is co-produced by the legendary Alex Skolnick. Musically, it […]

Chthonic, Download 2013

So that was another minor bucket list item checked off: being with a band at Download. We only got to see one day of the three because of assorted logistical issues, and I spent all of it backstage either taking photos or being like water. For Chthonic, it was a special show, they brought over […]

Lucy Rose, Shepherd’s Bush Empire

  Good gig. Nice to hook up with some of the Bristol/Bath posse and also some cousins I’d never met! Related Posts:No Related Posts

Doris Yeh Signed Limted Edition Print!

Bloodstock 2012

I managed to pin Doris of Chthonic down when she was over and got her to sign 3 (just 3!) giclée prints on Kodak archival paper on an acid-free 11″x14″ mount. This shot was taken at Bloodstock Open Air 2012 up at Catton Hall, which was a fine show. The cost is £150 plus £5 […]

Dio Disciples, Monument, O2 Islington Academy

I went to this mostly in order to support my good mate and superb drummer, Matt C, in his new band Monument. And great British hard rock it was to boot. Lovely. Second band, black metal. Forget it. Total misfit. And finally Dio Disciples with, as far as I can tell, Tim “Ripper” Owens, Craig […]

Peanut Butter Lovesicle, Death by Sexy, Purple Turtle, Camden

The mighty Peanut Butter Lovesicle are approaching the end of their stint in London and this makes me a sad polar bear. In the space of about six weeks so far, they’ve turned a fairly diffident, indifferent audience, and a few discerning fans, into a great turnout at the Purple Turtle last night. Their tight, […]

Bleech, Camden Barfly

First time I’ve seen Bleech in nearly a year, although I thought it was much longer. Not much to say except they’re as loud, passionate and energetic as I’ve ever known them. They’ve been stepping up their gigs and it was nice to see them at a reasonably crowded Barfly. Anyhow, the pics, one of […]

Peanut Butter Lovesicle, Fiddlers Elbow

These guys are over from New York for a few months, playing toilets and building up a following. I’ve seen them a few times already and will see them many times more before they return home and I’ve pimped them as widely as I can. Musically, they’re in the modern Zepplin or Who space as […]

Furyon, The Mercy House, Purple Turtle

I’ve known both these bands a while, Furyon since they were an AOR style band called “Pride”. Furyon have been going great guns in the last 12 months with their album being released on the front of Metal Hammer and in a limited edition, pending an upcoming full release. I wouldn’t call them metal exactly, […]

Lola Colt – Awkward promo shoot

Got a last minute call to do a promo shoot of a band. There were constraints: it had to be done tonight for a deadline tomorrow, it had to be done in the dark and they wanted to use a projector for some interesting light. While they were running around setting things up, I played […]

She Makes War – this is the future

Today I saw the future of live music photography. Yesterday, I shot a friend’s band Lola Colt at the Barfly on my trusty D300 often at ISO3200 and higher. I also for fun took at shot with the iPhone and uploaded it there and then. Tonight, a gig in the salubrious Hospital Club by She […]

Florida Room, Water Rats

Bit late to the party on this one, but got to see FOAFs Florida Room at the Water Rats (possibly again, or they might have been “Work” last time) and as usual a nice set of rocky numbers. Mike gets a bit busy swapping keyboards and guitars though! Good stuff. You should come next time. […]

Alessi’s Ark, Bush Hall

Went along to see Sam Nadel on drums as I haven’t seen him since the Blackbud in Bath days. It was the first gig I’d seen at Bush hall despite passing through when the late Fortune Drive were playing. It’s a lovely venue. If you can go, do so! Alessi herself was possibly better as […]

Bleech at the Monarch, Camdem

Managed to bimble over the road to the Monarch in Camden see Bleech again. There must be something about the Monarch that brings out good stuff in bands: Kate Nash’s little band were also excellent here. Anyhow, Bleech played a blinder. Just want that thrash instrumental midsection to be longer! The lighting was also interesting: […]

Bleech, Bull and Gate

Aside from them having cleaned the speaker stacks of the stickers including the Cuban Heels one, the Bull and Gate remains a fairly decent venue on the toilet circuit. I’d also not seen Bleech since before I went to Taipei and aside from a change of hairstyle, there were as solid and as rocking as […]

Grace Solero, Water Rats

I’ve known Grace for over four years now, since I first saw her busking at Tottenham Court Road tube station and took a picture that I’d be happy to have somewhere in my portfolio. So, back to the Water Rats for yet another gig, having dragged ourselves out in the damp, instead of watching yet […]

Selling my Deep Purple stuff!

I need the cupboard space so I’m getting rid of a bunch of Deep Purple Family Tree stuff here: It’s all priced lower than any other marketplace stuff as the cases (and sleeves) are generally a little scuffed. Inlays and stuff are usually fine. I’ll announce the eBay stuff when I get round to […]

Kate Nash, Receeders, Monarch Camden

I got dragged to this one with not much clue who Kate Nash was. Apparently she’s some Lily Allen-alike with 350k people who like her on Facebook. Um, OK. The Monarch however, is beneath the “toilet circuit”. It’s a pub with a PA that won’t deafen you. I was mildly blown away. Clearly she has […]

Malefice, Camden Underworld

This will be entirely biased. I toured as tour manager for Chthonic in November and Malefice were also on the bill with us. When you do this, hump gear together, negotiate merchandise table space, share the dressing room, you get to know whether the chaps you’re working with are nice guys or not. Once we […]

Beardyman album launch

I’d only been vaguely aware of Beardyman as some kind of beatboxing prodigy but had never witnesses the man, or beard, in action before. Tonight fixed this. Let’s be very clear, this is not your average punk on a street corner, or indeed that black guy from Police Academy. Oh no. He takes this to […]

Chthonic, HMV Forum, London

Long day of interviews, setting up, hanging around, selling merch, noodles and lots of metal. It was good. Related Posts:Grace Solero, Water RatsMalefice, Camden UnderworldArch Enemy, WolverhamptonChthonic, WolverhamptonFuryon, Dublin Castle

Arch Enemy, Wolverhampton

There’s not a lot to say about this: complete wall of metal with some melody in the background. Angela is a great frontman whipping the audience up and engaging the crowd. Put it this way, while I was shooting, my can of Red Stripe was dancing quietly to itself on the bass bin. Good work […]

Angela Gossow, Arch Enemy

Brutal. That is all. Related Posts:Arch Enemy, WolverhamptonChthonic, HMV Forum, LondonChthonic, WolverhamptonBleech, Camden BarflyAlessi’s Ark, Bush Hall

Chthonic, Wolverhampton

Yesterday can only be described as a clusterfuck. Hearsay about things between bands that turned out fine when checking with the relevant authorities, to having Ennio Morricone’s finest “For a few Dollars More” theme nearly used as our intro, through to losing the keys to the tour bus. Still, we made it and a relatively […]