On my Facebook feed recently, the topic of Britishness came up. This is close to my heart as a remainer where a minority of those eligible to vote voted leave, where Britons abroad and Europeans in the UK were disenfranchised and where our unelected Prime Minister has taken this as some kind of mandate. I’ve […]

Halting SSD on 2011 Macbook Pro

Throwing this one out there hoping the google juice will help people with the same problem. I’ve tried installing an SSD into the optibay my 2011-era Macbook Pro with no success: the SSD stalls on writes rendering the whole thing useless. Recently I went through the Crucial selection process, ordered one that was supposedly suitable […]

Scott Kelby “Light It! Shoot It! Retouch It!” Seminar

I have a couple of Kelby books since they’re good for recipes for doing stuff in the various Adobe packages. When I saw he was coming to London and doing a day’s seminar and it was about sixty quid, I figured why not wander along. It’s not far to go and there’s decent food and […]

Minnie Weisz Studio – Wet Plate Colloidon Photography, Ambrotypes and Daguerrotypes

At the Minnie Weisz Studio

On our way back from our usual Sunday afternoon Womble to Kings Cross to see the shiny new buildings via the usual St Pancras Old Church and Camley Street natural park, we came across one of the not railway arches was open and demoing some photographic techniques. The Minnie Weisz Studio, bills itself as teaching […]

Recruiters – what exactly are you for?

I was recently looking for a new contract, hopefully something leveraging what I’ve been doing recently (SCRUM) and outside what are usually seen as my core skills (perl, Hudson). This brought me into copious contact with that subspecies of human we call the “recruitment consultant”, “agent” or more collquially “pimp”. What I’ve found has staggered […]

Cycling in London part two and a rant

Waiting in the cycle box

I’ve resumed cycle commuting after nearly a year’s rest. Well, aside from some trips down to Clerkenwell or to the Festival Hall for the odd meeting. The new commute is twice the length of the previous one. This one goes from Camden to Shepherd’s Bush, as the map from Runkeeper shows. Previously, the Paddington route […]

Camden – a little history

Thanks to Paulo Rodrigues in the Camden flickr group for unearthing the information here. I’ve been in Camden about four years now firstly down on Delancey Street but now in the heart of what used to be the main interchange for wine, beer, gin and whisky. The two big names locally being “Gilbeys” and “Pickfords”: […]

London Honey Festival, Southbank Centre

Today was the London Honey Festival at the Festival Hall. It was lovely. Lots of local honey from around London from Bexley to Ruislip (so the press release said). Had friends there selling their honey and there were tastings of many different kinds. Best I tasted was from Tufnell Park. Interesting too to compare honey […]

Fashion on the Lock

Fashion on the Lock was a two-day event this past Thursday and Friday at Camden Lock showcasing talent such as Olga Adegoroye, Chloe Cummings, Jade Ottway, Purple Turtle Beads, Holly Mansell and Exquisite Xcessories. As usual I volunteered to take some shots but ended up getting distracted by two stands in particular: the lovely ladies […]

BP Portrait Award 2011

We did the BP Portrait Award Exhibition 2011 at The National Portrait Gallery today. Overall, a really nice selection of paintings in all styles from photo-realistic to splashy impressionistic, classical and even slightly cartoony. As a photographer, it’s very easy to forget there are other arts forms. Although there were a few here that borrowed […]

Camden Unlocked

Today was a day for chakras, auras, crystals in the market. It was a lovely sunny day and everyone was smiling. And I loved the Buddha! We had tea at Yumchaa as usual… Camden Unlocked – Images by David Hodgkinson Related Posts:A ramble round Camden, NW1Back in CamdenCamden farmer’s marketCycling in London part two and […]

Dave and Louise Wedding – The pics!

It’s not every day you get married. Again. At least I hope it isn’t. We originally planned a Camden town hall and two witnesses job but stumbled on a Tibetan Buddhist temple at the back of Oxford Street. It was too tempting to pass up. In the event, it was quite a day. We lost […]

Furyon, Dublin Castle

I admit, I’ve become jaded. There are only a couple of bands I’ll turn out for now and they are friends. But still good. These guys are most definitely one of them. I was introduced to them by my drummer mate Matt when they were known as “Pride”, a fairly OK AOR-ish hard rock band. […]

Cycling in London – my experiences

I confess. I’m now one of THEM. Yes, a cyclist. The choice between a 20 minute cycle and a 55 minute bus ride, even in the dark, is a no-brainer. I’ve now been doing it for two months, pre- and post-DST change. I’m not dead yet. I’ve had a couple of a little too close […]

All a bit quiet on the Dave front…

Sorry I’ve not been posting recently. I’ve got a couple of blog things lined up but at the moment I’ve been working day and night on stuff and haven’t really had time to write properly. Sadly, it’s all been interesting to me but not necessarily the wider world. BUT! As I’ve been finding things, and […]

Performance in WordPress blogs

I gave a talk on blogging, and specifically WordPress, for photographers this week at the London Calling Photographers meet. One of the things that came up was performance. Now, on my return from Taipei I’d been in fairly deep discussion about a job with a company who had claimed a direct link between site performance […]

Pope says atheists pick & choose their morals.

OK, that was a shitstorm of 3700+ retweets and to say the least and a lesson in the capriciousness of web 2.0. I posted the following twitter: Pope says atheists pick & choose their morals. Correct. Today I will be frowning on child abuse & not having a problem with homosexuality. Unfortunately the attribution got […]

Easily pleased – Demotix Front Page

It seems that when I’m in Taiwan I end up involved in newsworthy stuff giving me the opportunity to post to Demotix. The folks I know here are politically active, concerned that Taiwan maintain its independence and countering the propaganda from China regarding Taiwan’s status. This activism extends to maintaining strong links to others who […]

Dave’s links of the week, 28 June 2010

And this is what’s been happening in Dave world over the last week and a bit. On my Facebook photography group: Taking macro shots with your phone camera. Not convinced about this. If you try it, let us know! Some incredible oil-spill based photos from Jane Fulton Alt. Go. Now. How to get photographic inspiration […]

Taipei, Shanghai and Futai Street Mansion

I learned another little snippet of Taiwan’s torrid history today. We visited Futai Street Mansion near the main station and saw the Shanghai exhibition there. It turns out there’s a close link between Taiwan and Shanghai. When the Japanese took over the Chinese concession in Shanghai, it opened up Taiwanese exports of the usual sugar […]

Taipei, protest against the ECFA

Taiwanese politics is complicated. If even the BBC can get it wrong with the “when Taiwan split from China in 1949” canard, you know you’re in trouble. Let’s go back to the beginning. Taiwan’s troubles began long before the first Austronesian peoples arrived. Taiwan was originally volcanic and its tectonics can best be described as […]

Getting told off by Google

An email recently plunked[1] into my inbox from Google saying they’d turned off Adsense on the cockbucket because of violations. I thought this was a little unfair as I haven’t knowingly violated anyone much recently. Also, since I now have a lovely girlfriend I’m far less grumpy than I was and less liable to externalise […]

What’s hot this week, 20 June 2010

It’s Sunday, time for one of those “what’s been popular this week” type posts. And here they are. What you’ve been clicking on to go visit: The great, bitter, twisted Jaded Snapper Joana’s photos of Lisbon Shameless plug: my Facebook page! Tripod technology – Something I definitely need to look into further And Bob Holme’s  […]

Post road-trip Daily Dave – Haunted Scrotum, Bras, Solar Storms and more!

I go away for a few days and suddenly the internets fill up with interesting stuffs. Maybe I should go away more often? Sounds like a plan? All that great seafood, awesome scenery and getting thrown out of the raft in the rapids is hard work. Anyhow, here’s an extra Daily Dave for your enjoyment! […]