Camden farmer’s market

Here we have Norfolk’s ambassador to Camden presenting his wares at Camden farmer’s market. Ever since I’ve been in Camden I’ve wondered, and asked, often why Camden doesn’t have a farmer’s market. If I get the urge, I tend to wander up to Parliament Hill Fields on a Saturday morning. Well, now it does on […]

Parliament HIll Farmers Market

A blowy, showery February day was possibly not the best time to visit the recently-flagged by Kentishtowner Parliament HIll Farmers Market, but it’s only at the end of the C2 bus, so we braved it. The playground was a little sparse but there were plenty of stalls selling organic and/or free-range meats, fruits and vegetables […]

Home Made Lo Bak Gao

I first had this sometime around 2000 in the Dynasty restaurant in Bristol where we misheard it as “lob a goo”. Given the texture, we weren’t too far off the mark! However, it became a staple of various London Perlmongers dim sum meetups. over the coming decade. Finally, while living in Taipei, various forms of […]

London Honey Festival, Southbank Centre

Today was the London Honey Festival at the Festival Hall. It was lovely. Lots of local honey from around London from Bexley to Ruislip (so the press release said). Had friends there selling their honey and there were tastings of many different kinds. Best I tasted was from Tufnell Park. Interesting too to compare honey […]

Camden Lock Market Food

We’re lucky enough to live right by Camden Lock market and its delights, sometimes even venturing for foods on tourist days. This Easter weekend was supposed to have a special “breakfast” theme but as far as I could tell, it was the same wide variety of foods on offer inlcuding, but not limited to: curry, […]

The Chin Chin Laboratorists: liquid Nitrogen ice cream

This opened up while I was away and a chilly Friday afternoon seemed to be the ideal time to sample it. If you come here to Camden Lock at the weekend be prepared for a wait as the queue is usually right out the door and down the cobbles. The gimmick is that for £4 […]

Japanese food in Taipei

It’s an odd paradox that Taiwanese food itself is quite bland and yet you can find food from all over the rest of Asia done extremely well. In this case, Japanese food. My last night in Taipei, we stayed in a nice hotel with SOFT BED! Round two corners we found a Japanese restaurant with […]

Taiwanese food

I may rag on Taiwan for many reasons but food isn’t one of them. Just look at this little spread and click through to flickr for the annotations. So good. Related Posts:Street photography competitionFrom the inside looking out: cheeky fagCanon S90 Taipei Street NightPrimrose Hill GreengrocerHoutong – Cat Village

Taiwanese food

Taiwan has its ups and downs: trade huge cockroaches, typhoons and earthquakes for epic scenery, hot springs and great food. Taiwanese food draws from all regions of China, Japanese food it inherited from the occupation and many others besides. Here’s a good selection we had at a restaurant at the Sogo department store. To me, […]

Shi-Da purveyors of deep-fried goodness

This is a paradoxical country: everyone eats hugely and widely, yet on the whole, people remain resolutely skinny. Which I think says much about the Western diet. This stall in Sh-Da night market is our occasional stop-off for cauliflower, mushroom, tofu and chewy fishy thing, lighty battered, deep fried then powdered with salty pepper and […]

Final Call for Shi-Da night market

I’m a programmer. Which means if you find a bug, you keep banging on it until you fix it. In this case, I’ve been so taken with the ISO1600, 50mm, B/W and straight from the camera effect, I did it again. OK, so our intent was to get some deep fried street food munchies, but […]

Shi-Da night market again

We went out to Shi-Da again tonight after a typically tropical sudden torrential downpour. I’d recently discovered that the Nikon D300 has quite a useful black and white mode in contrast to the usual desaturated greyness you usually get. So tonight with old school film intent, I went out with the 50mm prime, the ISO […]

Shi-Da night market photowalk

On Tuesday night, went with my students on a walk round Sh-Da night market. I’ve done this a few times for fun, food and shopping and taken snaps but this was the first time with photographic intent. It was interesting. Much like the flower market, the trick was to get behind the action: behind the […]

Street Corn – Taipei Style

Asian Street food is well-known for its tasty goodness but the Taiwanese have special pride in theirs. From barbecued goose necks to pig blood jelly on a stick by way of many other fried and boiled delicacies it’s possible to nibble your way to a full meal on the hoof. We’ve passed this vendor of […]


We wandered into the supermarket the other day and I thought something had died. No, nothing had died. It was durian fruit. Apparently, Travel and food writer Richard Sterling says: “… its odor is best described as pig-shit, turpentine and onions, garnished with a gym sock.” And yet people eat it. Related Posts:Home Made Lo […]

Shit soup

Taiwan is pretty legendary for its food. We’ve had amazing and cheap Thai, Japanese (teppanyaki, sushi, shabu shabu), Korean and Kiwi burgers here. Spot a trend here? Taiwanese food is special: pig blood jelly, roasted duck necks, barbequed squidlings on a stick, nameless chunks of gooey things that might be tofu-derived, might be processed fish […]