Cardiff Tourist stuff

Carphilly Castle

Day 1 – Unsupervised So, on the Friday, our friends did Cardiff mostly unsupervised. I dropped them in the morning at Sophia Gardens with instructions that they walk through Bute Park to Cardiff Castle and pay the extra for the guided tour of the apartments. This they did and took the afternoon visiting the National […]

Chthonic, Download 2013

So that was another minor bucket list item checked off: being with a band at Download. We only got to see one day of the three because of assorted logistical issues, and I spent all of it backstage either taking photos or being like water. For Chthonic, it was a special show, they brought over […]

Camden farmer’s market

Here we have Norfolk’s ambassador to Camden presenting his wares at Camden farmer’s market. Ever since I’ve been in Camden I’ve wondered, and asked, often why Camden doesn’t have a farmer’s market. If I get the urge, I tend to wander up to Parliament Hill Fields on a Saturday morning. Well, now it does on […]

Lucy Rose, Shepherd’s Bush Empire

  Good gig. Nice to hook up with some of the Bristol/Bath posse and also some cousins I’d never met! Related Posts:No Related Posts

The Tate: Pre-Raphelites, Turner, Moriyama

On strong urging, we went to see the Pre-Raphaelites at Tate Britain. And therein lies a story. With joint visitation being in the region of £35, and an annual membership around £90 it seemed crazy not to cough up for membership. Plus we get lounge access! So I coughed up. And we got to see […]

On camera modes: “Sunset mode”

When I teach photography, one of the things I tell my students is “don’t be afraid of the modes”. Tell this to someone who fancies themselves as a “proper” photographer and I’m likely to be met with the sucking of air over teeth. This is the reaction of a clueless bigot. All modes are are […]

Studio photography workshop

After having my arm strongly twisted, I ran a studio lighting photography session this weekend. Packing down ten weeks of Central St Martins course into six hours on Saturday (with time out for a nice lunch!), was quite tiring but ultimately I hope, successful. I gave a handwaving introduction contrasting natural light with studio light: […]

Doris Yeh Signed Limted Edition Print!

Bloodstock 2012

I managed to pin Doris of Chthonic down when she was over and got her to sign 3 (just 3!) giclée prints on Kodak archival paper on an acid-free 11″x14″ mount. This shot was taken at Bloodstock Open Air 2012 up at Catton Hall, which was a fine show. The cost is £150 plus £5 […]

London Zoo

Five years in London and I finally scratched an itch. The Zoo! First up, when we went in, my eyes watered. £23 for a ticket! Ouch! But I’ll say now, it was totally worth it. We were there for nearly seven hours and even with a cheeseburger at at £5.50 and a couple of cups […]

London Festival of Photography

Having hibernated yesterday because of Jubilee rubbish grinding London to a halt and the awful weather, today I resolved to do better and hit up the London Festival of Photography. We saw a few exhibits last year and they were pretty good, and they’re well clustered in easy to get at parts of London. First […]

Shiny new Nikon D700

Jubiliee leggings

Nikon are apparently winding down manufacture of the D700 in favour of the supremely expensive D800 and the rumoured-this-autumn full-frame D600. My D300 suffered further creeping death with the failure of the on-board flash: pop up the flash and the camera freezes. Otherwise, it’s still a supremely useful camera for gigs portraits and on-camera and […]

Broadway Market photowalk

One excellent reason for heading out to the badlands of London Fields is to visit Laura’s lovely new café “Coffee is my cup of tea”. Nestled in a railway arch next to the station, Laura and her partner have already got a great place going. It’s organic and there’s a lovely selection of cakes including […]

I wouldn’t belong to a club that would have me as a member…

Tabercnacle, Notting Hill

One of my photographic heroes, Jean-Loup Sieff, had a rant, which I’m recalling here badly, about camera club people being bearded pipe-smokers with patches on the elbows of their jackets being more into gear than the art of photography. Tonight I had such a camera club experience. A certain meetup group put out a call […]

Scott Kelby “Light It! Shoot It! Retouch It!” Seminar

I have a couple of Kelby books since they’re good for recipes for doing stuff in the various Adobe packages. When I saw he was coming to London and doing a day’s seminar and it was about sixty quid, I figured why not wander along. It’s not far to go and there’s decent food and […]

Spitalfields and Brick Lane Photowalk

I had the day to myself, so Paul and I decided to take a walk to the Spitalfields area to take some pics. We started at the back of Liverpool Street station trying to get inspired by some architecture, then to the Market and up Brick Lane for people and other randomness. This is my […]

Peanut Butter Lovesicle, Death by Sexy, Purple Turtle, Camden

The mighty Peanut Butter Lovesicle are approaching the end of their stint in London and this makes me a sad polar bear. In the space of about six weeks so far, they’ve turned a fairly diffident, indifferent audience, and a few discerning fans, into a great turnout at the Purple Turtle last night. Their tight, […]

Night shoot along the South Bank

We met up at the Festival Hall, then spent what felt like ages waiting for the endarkenment over the House of Parliament by County Hall. And yes, we got told off for tripods, but it turns out you can use a collapsed tripod on a wall just as easily. Dusk fell, Parliament got lit and […]

Bleech, Camden Barfly

First time I’ve seen Bleech in nearly a year, although I thought it was much longer. Not much to say except they’re as loud, passionate and energetic as I’ve ever known them. They’ve been stepping up their gigs and it was nice to see them at a reasonably crowded Barfly. Anyhow, the pics, one of […]

Peanut Butter Lovesicle, Fiddlers Elbow

These guys are over from New York for a few months, playing toilets and building up a following. I’ve seen them a few times already and will see them many times more before they return home and I’ve pimped them as widely as I can. Musically, they’re in the modern Zepplin or Who space as […]

Shiny New Kings Cross

Kings Cross – Images by David HodgkinsonThe new Kings Cross opened this week, a day ahead of schedule with an awesome new ticket hall and new passenger flows with an airport-style arrivals and departures scheme and of course, a refurbished platform 9 3/4. The things has been reviewed to death by the likes of Ian […]

Minnie Weisz Studio – Wet Plate Colloidon Photography, Ambrotypes and Daguerrotypes

At the Minnie Weisz Studio

On our way back from our usual Sunday afternoon Womble to Kings Cross to see the shiny new buildings via the usual St Pancras Old Church and Camley Street natural park, we came across one of the not railway arches was open and demoing some photographic techniques. The Minnie Weisz Studio, bills itself as teaching […]

Furyon, The Mercy House, Purple Turtle

I’ve known both these bands a while, Furyon since they were an AOR style band called “Pride”. Furyon have been going great guns in the last 12 months with their album being released on the front of Metal Hammer and in a limited edition, pending an upcoming full release. I wouldn’t call them metal exactly, […]

Lola Colt – Awkward promo shoot

Got a last minute call to do a promo shoot of a band. There were constraints: it had to be done tonight for a deadline tomorrow, it had to be done in the dark and they wanted to use a projector for some interesting light. While they were running around setting things up, I played […]

Camden – a little history

Thanks to Paulo Rodrigues in the Camden flickr group for unearthing the information here. I’ve been in Camden about four years now firstly down on Delancey Street but now in the heart of what used to be the main interchange for wine, beer, gin and whisky. The two big names locally being “Gilbeys” and “Pickfords”: […]