Taipei and Hong Kong 2015

I have to say, this time, 10 days in Taipei were a big disappoint. Largely this was to do with Louise doing Panda and Polar Bear business so I was a bit of a spare part for most of it. The Taiwanese food was unusually poor, even the bibimbap bland. We were staying on top […]

Wrestling with VMware and Ubuntu

I’ve had a torrid couple of day’s worth of yak-shaving. I updated Ubuntu to 14.10 on both my server and VM on the Macbook Air. Obviously I stumbled across a couple of problems: VMware would let me mount the tools virtual CD. Solution: delete the floppy drive and second CD-Rom drive before beginning to install […]

London Tourist Stuff III

Columbia Road Flower Market

Tourist Stuff in London, take III It’s been a couple of years since my first couple of takes on this so it’s time for an update, complete with stuff I didn’t know existed back then. I’ve taken out some we just don’t visit. Of note, is that ALL the museums have excellent cafes and restaurants. […]

Monument, Garage, London

I’ll declare an interest here. I’ve known the drummer for many years and seen him in a few bands in that time. These guys are the best I’ve seen in a “hard rock but not quite metal” niche. They were pretty loud at the Garage last night! Good show. Music, not conveying the live experience […]

Emirates Air Line – London Dangly thing

Last week, on I believe the second day of public operation, and on a crazily gusty day, when we happened to be on our way to Greenwich, we took the new cable car thing. I’ve done cable cars in Taiwan, knowing they’ve survived earthquakes, but this gave me a high degree of palm sweat, especially […]

New poll: new camera or new lens?

What’s more important, a better camera or a better lens? Should you put some nice Nikkor glass on your D90, or use the kit lens on your shiny new D800? Insert Canon equivalents as necessary. Related Posts:No Related Posts

From the road, a shout out to Arkan!

I’d fully intended keeping a daily diary of six weeks of touring mayhem with Chthonic and despite pretty consistent internet availability, this has failed to transpire. Lots of stories though if we get together for a beer. BUT! I have to give a HUGE shout out to the band who opened for four gigs in […]

Barrow, Inverness Street market

On our way back from the West End through an eerily quiet Camden, aside from the pounding music from a couple of nearly deserted bars; Monday night and tube strike presumably. I’d been shooting odds and ends this evening but as usual, it’s either the first or last that is “the one”. Again, shot with […]

Hoxditch Boudoir

Stumbled on this place on the way back from an exhibition at The Printspace. Tucked in beside the railway bridge the golden light poured out and looked so inviting. So I went in. What a gem of a place! A coffee bar that happens to serve booze if you want it. It looks like it’s […]

B/W prints – the reveal

A couple of days ago I took some photos of Taipei I’d taken, rendered to Tri-X 400 pushed 2 stops with Alienskin then asked for opinion. Those opinions were pretty evenly spread. With help, I chose 7 to be printed. The prints were on “Kodak Digital Royal” paper, for what that’s worth. Here are the […]

Dragon Boat Race, Xindian, Taipei

Dragon Boat Race Xindian, Taipei

Dragon boat races on Green Lake, Xiandian, Taipei. This is the decisive moment when the flag puller lost her balance and fell in! It’s a holiday in Taiwan, so the lakeside was heaving with folks having a good family day out, eating fried food on a stick and fighting the heat with cold drinks and […]


CacilhasOriginally uploaded by davehodg This picture is not tweaked at all, it’s exactly how it came out of the camera. Cacilhas is on the opposite side of the Tagus to Lisbon and has its own decrepit charm. There’s a long stretch of derelict warehouses between the ferry terminal and the old town which are just […]

The Queen’s fern glade

The Queen’s fern gladeOriginally uploaded by davehodg If you ever go to Lisbon, go to Sintra. Fairytale castle and amazing wooded grounds. Something to do with Byron. They took hilly scrubland and afforested it with trees and ferns from around the world and now it’s the sort of place elves would hang out. Related Posts:No […]

Cream of Mushroom flavour crisps

Cream of Mushroom flaour crispsOriginally uploaded by davehodg Spotted these in a grimy cornershop at the base of an apartment block in Lisbon. First impression is a definite mushroom overtone and a deep inhalation gives quite an intense cream of mushroom soup essence, maybe one of those cubes you make soup from. From then on […]

Cais do Sodré

Cais do Sodré Originally uploaded by davehodg The overall background smell in Lisbon, besides the occasional overwhelming sulphurous pong of sewers, is grilled sardines. However, rounding a corner, I was assaulted by the really strong smell of pee. Initially, I suspected the seedy looking men lounging around but then realised it was the blossom from […]


CascaisOriginally uploaded by davehodg I think I like portugal. Related Posts:No Related Posts

LCC Summer show

LCC Summer showOriginally uploaded by davehodg Some GREAT work on show by the BA’s and MA’s. I’ve no idea if it’s public, but if it is, GO! Very little of it pissed me off. Related Posts:No Related Posts

Not blogging much

Sorry for not blogging much recently. I’ve been turned inwardly on twitter and facebook. A couple of things I’ve set up recently: 1. The cockbucket, a repository of woo and stuff that pisses me off. 2. Speedbeaver, a music photography portal site. I’m off to portugal shortly. Expect pix on my Flickr. Related Posts:No Related […]

Cyclists you lose.

Cyclists, when some of your people insist on running red lights at speed with people crossing then you will NEVER get the good will you need to make the country a better place. Fix yourselves. That’s all. Related Posts:No Related Posts

Acey Slade

Acey SladeOriginally uploaded by davehodg An unexpectedly rocking night. Check ’em out on tour! Related Posts:No Related Posts

Eastern Front, Camden Underworld

Eastern Front, Camden UnderworldOriginally uploaded by davehodg Shot a few bands at the random metal fest at the Underworld. Eastern Front stood out. RARR! Related Posts:No Related Posts

Being challenged

It’s a long time since I’ve done one of these blog things, let see if I remember how. I participate in a group called “London Calling Photographers” or LCP for short. Nice group of people but there was much about it that was beginning to grate. A long time ago, Jean Loup Sieff, one of […]

Eggs Benedict, House Special Omelette at LAX

On the surface, this may appear to be just another food blog but it isn’t. Honest Guv. It’s about the power of the internet, obviously. So, we’d got in to LAX the night before, googled using the Radisson’s free internet for a nearby sushi place, found one that was well-reviewed and had some nice rolls […]

BBC created botnet from pwned PC’s

From the Register. Clicky thingy it to read: BBC zombie caper slammed by security pros This is a really interesting one. A few points: 1. Clearance for this programme went all the way up. It was cleared by the lawyers and compliance. 2. Journalists, unlike Gary McKinnon, can hide behind “public interest”. If it’s an […]