Emacs as a perl IDE II

Having polled the assorted perlish hiveminds of the BBC, the London perlmongers and Reddit, I got a really good selection of responses. So, from Reddit:

  • Put “perl -cw” into flymake so you can see syntax errors right away. Even more immediately than trying to compile? Could be useful.

From London.pm:

  • Dot mode attempts to emulate the dot command in vim. Doesn’t appeal to me. Macros all the way, baby.
  • M-/ completion. >20 years of emacs and I had no idea about this. OK, it’s “dabbrev”. And it’s not bound to that by default in Aquamacs. Never mind.
  • cperl win.
  • fic-mode.el to highlight FIXME/TODO/BUG/KLUDGE in special face only in comments and strings.
  • magit for version control

And from the BBC:

  • Some unresolved bikeshedding about sharing editors to facilitate pair programming
  • TinyTools for managing POD
  • Allegedly vc-mode works fine with svn 1.5+ (yes, seems to. I had no idea).

And that’s it. I’ve certainly got a few things to add to my emacs world now!

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