Hudson and Selenium

Sorry, geek day job alert.

I have a baby Hudson and Selenium setup here. I’ve inherited a very nasty test harness that our testers are familiar with and can build tests for but it currently runs interactively on Windows and will be a ‘mare to port and enhance. I have a vision of a world where:

  1. Tests recorded in Selenium IDE are very easy to drop in to the test suite
  2. Developers can record tests for their stories and hand them over
  3. The test output is JUnit compatible and Hudson likes it
  4. We can get screen dumps on test failures

I’m looking at using the perl Test::WWW::Selenium suite since perl is what our developers use. We can drop the tests into a directory and “prove” them.

What I’m asking the lazywebs for is some hints as to how to make the process more efficient, best practices and all that, and any experiences people have of making this kind of setup effective.


Update #1: the Perl modules aren’t being actively maintained. Not necessarily a problem, we have a major CPAN contributor on staff. Hm. I’m not sure that’s true. Well see.

Update #2: There’s a Selenium meetup group meeting on Thursday!

Update #3: The author of WWW::Selenium reckons bundling lots of smaller actions and tests into groups, say “Login”, “Register” and so on is a good way to go.

Update: #4: This blog about testing Drupal on the Economist site also has some very interesting concepts.

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  3. subtests in Test::More are useful for grouping Selenium actions (if don’t use something like Test::Class).

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