Getting told off by Google

An email recently plunked[1] into my inbox from Google saying they’d turned off Adsense on the cockbucket because of violations. I thought this was a little unfair as I haven’t knowingly violated anyone much recently. Also, since I now have a lovely girlfriend I’m far less grumpy than I was and less liable to externalise other people’s stupidity.

What appears to have caught their attention was this article entitled “Vatican posessed by perverts“.

On reading their terms, it seems “Content related to racial intolerance or advocacy against any individual, group or organisation” is barred. Oh well, bang to rights. Adsense now disabled. No early retirement for me. I shall continue to rail against those who cover up for child-rapists though.

Luckily the Belgians are on the case. Shock and outrage, my arse.

[1] Can an email “plunk”? I don’t do mail sound effects.

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