Bacon, goat blood, Miss Piggy, celery. Daily Dave #27

That was a manic weekend. Took my class on a photowalk round Taipei Flower Market which was fun. I’m hoping for some good stuff from my students.

Then yesterday we had my girlfriend’s brother’s wedding here in Taipei at which I took a few photos. 450 to be exact. To go with the 450 guests. Insane. The food looked good, not that I got to eat much of it. No dog. Frog, blood sausage and sea urchin though.

Also, the internet was being a bit rubbish towards the end of last week so I was a bit slack. Hopefully, today’s crop will be be better.

Let’s start with Christopher Walken totally channeling the Malfoy groove.

Still rooting for Bangkok. Peace out guys, please.

Is this one of the ultimate foodstuffs? The bacon fruit cup. Awesome. Pair that with the epic 4300 calorie main course and we’re cooking.

Giant herring found in Sweden. They’re sharpening the crispbread and dill pickles as we speak.

The Sun apologises. Haitians. Goat’s blood. Usual stuff.

More on unbending Facebook’s privacy nonsense and the most Facebook targetted ad ever. His wife.

Having shot Peaches a couple of weeks ago, here’s Miss Piggy singing “Fuck the Pain Away”. How awesome is that?

Horny kangaroo stalks woman. I think there’s a movie in this. Aniston and Grant maybe?

Celery makes you more attractive to women. Just add pineapple. I love the BBC!

The better marriage blanket. Meh. Dutch ovens FTW.

Chinese astronauts have dog on the menu. What, no panda lips?

News of Android whupping the iPhone joy premature. If the apps are there, then fine. It’s a device. And aren’t we a little retro for insisting we call these things “phones”? My iGizmo is a games player, camera, Facebook front end, address book, podcast player and a long way in the distance a phone.

Spider bite in a nasty place. Permission to wince granted.

There, wasn’t that better?

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